Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Book Review--The Faeries of Birchover Wood

The Faeries of Birchover Wood
The Bad
Book 1
Ian S. Rutter, 2012
Kindle Edition

Excerpt:  Back in the days when the King of England fought along side such great beasts to defeat the Bad, a magical pact was formed so that if at any time the Bad was to find a way to escape from the tree, then the spirits of the myths, legends and folklore would come back and fight side by side to protect the innocent. It was their duty. Their solemn vow. It was now that time to fulfill that promise.

The Bad has been imprisoned for a thousand years, by magic, into the trunk of a tree. But the magic is failing. People have forgotten about faeries, dragons, oakmen and goblins. Thus, the magic weakens.

Soloman, an eight year old boy and the main character, moves with his parents to Birchover Village. In the forest behind their new house, all the magical creatures dwell, including the Bad. The Bad is very near to breaking the magic that binds him to the tree. Soloman and his parents, along with the faeries and other mythical creatures of the forest, have to stop the Bad before it destroys the world.

This is an incredible fantasy/adventure story. I was swept up early into the adventure by the strong plot line and the strong characters.

With faerie characters such as; Elder Perennial Swallowtail, Zeal White Oak and Balamore Skullcap; an oakman named, Autumn Brown Leaf, the story captures the reader into a wonderful mythical adventure.

This is a fantasy/adventure story that has everything a great fantasy/adventure story should have. The author has created a magnificent world of faeries, dragons, oakmaen, goblins, ghouls and brownies that live along side humans that all share in the adventure.

The writing is creative, entertaining, and descriptive.

I also like the fact that the author has taken the time to incorporate the importance of the forests in the world--realistically and magically.

If you have never believed that magical creatures live in the forest, you will now.

May the magic never end.