Saturday 30 June 2012

Another Book Award

Purple Dragonfly Book Award

Congratulations Diane!

Ms. Robinson took second place for chapter books in The 2012 Purple Dragon Book Awards. Kid Lit Reviews.
The Purple Dragonfly Book Awards recognizes and honors 
accomplished authors in the field of children's literature. Being
honored with a Purple Dragonfly Award will confer credibility upon
the winners, as well as provide extra positive publicity to further their success.
When I came home from the Lieutenant Governor Awards on 
June 14, 2012, still wearing my medal and a permanent smile pasted
on my face, I received an email that my book won another award. 
How much excitement can a girl have in one day?
The news was incredibly exciting and made me cry once again. I've
put in many years of hard work to get book one accepted by a publisher;
9 years and 27 rejections to be exact.
The point is, if a writer doesn't have the guts to succeed, they 
probably won't.
The publishing industry is not for the faint of heart. It does take guts, and 
several pounds of stubborn, but mostly, it take a ton of belief in yourself
as a writer.


  1. How exciting!! Congratulations! :D Your book sure is getting a good buzz on Amazon. It sounds wonderful and I love the "Sir Princess Petra". lol

    Thanks so much for linking into the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Shaunna from Mudpies and Melodies let me know about the double entry, so I fixed that! It's wonderful to see you there and I hope you'll join us again. :D

  2. Hi Renee C. Thanks so much for joining up. I'm so glad Sue asked
    me to join the blog hop. It is my first one and it's very interesting. And yes, I hope to join you again. I work away from
    home all day, so I try to catch up on the posts and emails in the evening.
    Take care.
    P.S.Sue always has the nicest things to say about you.

  3. Awww... thank you Sue! lol

    It's nice to meet you Diane and I'm glad we've connected. :D

  4. Nice to meet you too, Renee C. It's always good to connect with
    good people. I knew that crazy lady, Sue, was good for something. Really, Sue is a very good friends of mine. I still owe her payback for putting up my picture on her Monster blog post a few days ago.

  5. Okay you two, cut the crap. Say what you really mean.

    So, Missy, the title of book two is up on Amazon and you have not told me about this? Well, I am a little paranoid, you know. Wait, you know this? How do you know this? Who told you?

    This double entry that is now fixed, was that the one you sent to my site? Wait, again . . . Rene FIXED it, did she? Hmmmm.

    What, have you heard "Sue is a very good friends of mine." PLURAL!? How many of me is good friends with you? Why am I not getting more done if I am a pluralist?

    "SNARLS *zzzzzzzzzip* Come on boy, get me outta here.
    Find your wings and Fly." I'll be watching you . . . and you.

  6. Hi there, Sue aka me,

    Nice to hear from you and yourself. Cool, I didn't know the book title was up on Amazon. That means we're getting closer to release date.

    Snarls told me you were just a little paranoid. That's okay, your secret is safe with me.

    Tell Snarls to get his scaly little but home, he's in book 3 and I need him here for the next scene.

    The author.

  7. I'm afraid Snarls is on strike. Why he is not picketing your office he only knows. Please meet his terms. I need some rest.

    1. I had no idea my dragon was on strike. I guess he's still miffed about having to wear a pink, tasseled saddle in book two.

      Is he picketing your place? That little garden-flattener, wait till I get my leash on him.

      What are his terms? He hasn't told me. Does he want more marshmallows with mustard on them?

  8. Um... I turn my back for one second and the comments on this post go all crazy! Are you sure you two are friends? lol BTW Sue, I had to mute my laptop to stop the "dings" every time a new post of yours shows up in my email. If you don't think you are getting much done, I'll send you a screen cap of all the notifications of new posts from you! lol

  9. Hi Renee C. Yah, I told you the lady was crazy. Opps. I think that was my out-loud voice. Snarls is my dragon, in case you're wondering what the heck we're talking about. Apparently my dragon visits the crazy lady. Regularly. Hmmm, you get the point now?

    Haha, Sue. Payback for that Monster post where you put up my picture.

  10. Yep. You said that out loud. It went all the way across the border and then mid-east. I mean, I heard it and I am deaf (with broken hearing aides. Cold weather, cold beer, and cold c_-_-_-_-_! Cold Canadians--I like them.

    Snarls is not on strike because of pink tassle, though he said that was simply mean and you could have changed the color to lime green or something. He thinks you forget your are the writer and in charge of the words.

    I think it is something more basic, but he has not told me. Whatever it is I cannot or have not been able to get him here. That's what he said right before the fire department showed up.

    He is right, you know. you are the writer, so you tell us, why is he on strike. What have you written about him or have him doing or what? Use your words and figure this out. He is your creation and can only do what you have allowed him to do on paper.

    Either that or it's about Mars Bars.

    When leg, feet, ankle swells raise the affected leg, feet, ankle above your heart and in an hour or so it will look fine. Just don't lower it again for no more swelling. Easy. Hope that helps.

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      Ahh, you mean Snarls is mad at me? Innocent writer girl? What's this about Mars Bars? You probably took his stash the last time he visited you. I can get him more. I will get him more. Snarls, come back to me! I created you, I love you, where are you? Oh, Snarls. Oh, Snarls. Where art thou, Snarls?

      P.S. Your fire department bill is too high. I'm not paying! Good luck.

  11. I'd read a book about Mars Bars!! lol

    Now, I'm really curious about your book Diane. It sounds like "the crazy lady" liked it so maybe we should have a look too. We should chat. :D

  12. Hi Renee C.,

    A book about Mars Bars sounds sweat!

    I was going to ask you if you would review it and thought I might ask you when book 2 comes out in a month or so, and see if you would review both. The
    books are for ages 7-10 years.
    Visit me:
    Let's chatter.