Saturday 30 June 2012

Another Book Award

Purple Dragonfly Book Award

Congratulations Diane!

Ms. Robinson took second place for chapter books in The 2012 Purple Dragon Book Awards. Kid Lit Reviews.
The Purple Dragonfly Book Awards recognizes and honors 
accomplished authors in the field of children's literature. Being
honored with a Purple Dragonfly Award will confer credibility upon
the winners, as well as provide extra positive publicity to further their success.
When I came home from the Lieutenant Governor Awards on 
June 14, 2012, still wearing my medal and a permanent smile pasted
on my face, I received an email that my book won another award. 
How much excitement can a girl have in one day?
The news was incredibly exciting and made me cry once again. I've
put in many years of hard work to get book one accepted by a publisher;
9 years and 27 rejections to be exact.
The point is, if a writer doesn't have the guts to succeed, they 
probably won't.
The publishing industry is not for the faint of heart. It does take guts, and 
several pounds of stubborn, but mostly, it take a ton of belief in yourself
as a writer.

Saturday 23 June 2012

Book Review: Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes
Author: Shannon Dittemore, 2012
Publisher: Thomas Nelson, Inc
ISBN# 978-1-4016-8635-2
Paperback Edition

Back cover: Brielle went to the city to chase her dreams and found only tragedy instead. She's come home to shabby little Stratus, Oregon, to live with her grief and guilt . . . and an incredible, numbing cold she can't
seem to shake.

Jake's the new guy at school. The boy next door with burning hands and an unbelievable gift that targets him for corruption.

Something more than fate has brought them together. An evil bigger than both of them lurks in the shadow nearby, hiding in plain site. Two angels stand guard, unsure what's going to happen. And beauty brighter than either Brielle or Jake has ever seen is calling them to join the battle in a realm where all humans choices begin.

A realm that only angels and demons--and Brielle--can perceive.

I liked this book because it is intriguing, original, bold and suspenseful. The characters are fully rounded and believable with a well-driven plot line. It is an amazingly fresh story about angels and demons and their battles in this world and beyond. It is also a story about human tragedy and triumph.

The author has created a story that is truly "out-of-the-box",  and for that, I say Kudos!

Angel Eyes is an emotional journey and a must read in Y.A. fiction.

For more information, please visit:

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Celebrate the release of Angel Eyes with Shannon by entering her Nook Color Giveaway and RSVPing for her Author Chat Party on FB 6/26! Click for details.

Review by Diane Mae Robinson,
Award Winning Author

Friday 15 June 2012

Diane Mae Robinson Recipient of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award

Diane Mae Robinson is a recipient of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award
 Literary Arts

Artists get "catalytic" boost on the road to success

Edmonton - June 14, 2012. Eight Alberta artists received the 2012 Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Award in a ceremony hosted by His Honour Col. (Ret'd) The Honourable Donald S. Ethell and Her Honour Linda Ethell.

"These artists represent the best of a community that challenges, enlightens
and entertains us," said Lieutenant Governor Ethell. "Creativity of this magnitude
is infectious."

The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Awards is among
Canada's most generous art awards program. Each recipient receives a
medal and $10,000.

Susan Green, Chair of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards, 
says, "Ten thousand dollars to an emerging artist is a catalyst for great things."

"We've seen careers blossom in previous recipients and we know today's
award will strengthen these artists and Alberta's performing, literary and
visual arts culture in the process.                                  

          2012 Alberta Emerging Artists

Kyle Armstong - Filmmaker
Naomi Brand - Contemporary Dancer and Choreographer
Mitch Holtby - Emcee, Producer, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist
Kristopher Karklin - Photographer/Sculptor
Chris Millar - Painter/Sculptor
Emma Parkinson - Mezzo-Soprano
Diane Mae Robinson - Children's Author
Eric Rose - Theater Director
Diane with Lieutenant Governor, His Honourable Donald S. Ethell

The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards Foundation has established a program of awards for emerging artists to support and encourage promising artists, early in their careers, while also serving to raise the profile of the arts in Alberta.
The Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artist Awards are awarded every second year, beginning in 2008. Each Award consists of $10,000 and a medal. Up to ten prizes may be awarded in each awards cycle. Award recipients are selected by an application and adjudication process. Emerging Alberta Artists who meet the eligibility criteria may make application for the Award.
Appraisals are required from two established artists who are in a position to provide the Foundation with a candid assessment of the Applicant’s current accomplishments and potential to develop.
The Awards will be presented by the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta at an event held at Government House in Edmonton.

This was the most amazing day of my writing career! The prestige and recognition of receiving this award is beyond description. I am honored and

As most of you know, my first book took 9 years to find a publisher. During that time I can't say that I was never discouraged, but I can say that I always believed in myself and my writing ability.

The path to becoming a published author is not an easy venture, but it is an adventure. I wouldn't change any of those baby steps it took for me to get there because now I totally understand what all the hard work and years add up to for me.

Thank you to everyone who supports me in my writing endeavors and to those who have encouraged me along the way.

Thank you to the two professionals that had to submit an appraisal of my work for this award; Amy Malo and Gisela Felsberg. You both must have said something amazing!

The four northern Alberta Emerging Artists; Kristopher Karlkin, Photographer/Sculptor; Kyle Armstrong, Filmaker; Mitch Holtby, Producer,Composer, Multi-Intrumentalist; Diane Mae Robinson, Children 's Book Author.

A big thank you; Donna Cardinal, Susan Green, Lee Elliott and all the board members of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Awards

Sunday 10 June 2012

Book Review - The Mystery of Nida Valley

The Mystery of Nida Valley                            
Book 2, Captured
eBook edition
E.J. Ouston
Morris Publishing Australia, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9872444-4-4

Meg is a 15 year old girl that lives in this world, but has a special fondness for another world, Nida Valley.
Through the use of their special travel watches, Meg, her family, and friends can travel to this other, wonderful world.

Different magical traits run throughout Meg's family and friends. These powers begin to be discovered around the age Meg is now. On Meg's 15h birthday, she received a special pen handed down to her by her grandmother. Through the use of this special pen, which acts as a wand, Meg starts discovering her magic abilities to be; mind reading and spell casting.

In Nida Valley, Meg belongs to The Guardians of the Valley family, who are the keepers of the prehistoric animals and also the guardians against their extinction. And after learning more and perfecting her magic, Meg is next in line to be the leader of The Guardians.

Meg has already travelled back in time to bring back the herbs to heal, Willie, the last existing wombat. She hopes to travel back in time again and bring back some more wombats to live in the valley.

The adventure and mystery begins when the megafauna Pteros go missing. They could not have escaped from their protective cages or have gotten past the force field of the valley by themselves. They suspect Grundymere, who leads an army with an alternative motive towards the valley and the animals.

But there are other suspects, too. Miss Cashmere, the housekeeper; Alvin, the zoo assistant; even Meg's friend, Jack. They all act suspicious and any one of them could be helping Grundymere.

The adventure and mystery intensify with threats on Meg's life, kidnapping, escapes, more kidnapping, spying, shape shifting and magic spells.

I like this book because it is a page-turning adventure/mystery that just doesn't slow down. The author has created a prehistoric world with animals such as; meiolania oweni, diprotodon, ichthyosaur, and  muttaburrasauras. Then there are travel portals, stun guns, and lots of magic.

The teenage heroine and her teenage friends are portrayed perfectly through their mannerism and language.
All the other character are well defined, also.

The author has created an intriguing and exciting story.

 I was sent on an adventure that I truly felt a part of. And that, in a nut shell, is the essence of good writing.

Please visit the author's website: 

Saturday 2 June 2012

Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake Scare

Book Review of: Night Buddies and the Pineapple Cheesecake Scare

Author: Sands Hetherington                                
Illustrator: Jessica Love
Publisher: Dune Buggy Press, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9847417-1-7

     The story starts out with a nine year old boy named John Degraffenreidt meeting a comical red crocodile named Crosley. Crosley appears in John's room at bedtime and convinces John to join the Night Buddies Program and help solve the mystery of all of the missing pineapples cheesecakes from the factory across town.

     Crosley has a "I-ain't-here" gadget that enables them to become invisible so they can sneak out of John's house.

     John and Crosley get on the subway and ride the Night Folks Limited to the factory where they meet the giant manager, Big Foot Mae. Big Foot Mae can't figure out where all the pineapple cheesecakes are
disappearing to, and hires the duo to solve the mystery.

     There are dangers involved, but the Night Buddies are up for it. And with all of Crosley's special gadgets, it's bound to make for an interesting and zany adventure, especially when the Night Buddies pursue
The Iguana Gang, the suspected cheesecake thieves.

     I liked this book because it is imaginative, fun, has zany characters, and it made me laugh, a lot. John and Crosley work well together to solve the mystery of the missing pineapple cheesecakes. Both John and Crosley are very funny and come up with the best "one-liners".

      I fell in love with Crosley's character and found him to be a charmingly funny and  loveable crocodile. He is mesmerized by cheesecakes and drools, forgetting what he is there for. He definitely needed John to help him with this mission and keep his crocodile head on straight.

     Big Foot Mae and the Iguana Gang are also fun characters. The Iguana Gang is hilarious in the way they talk and react to situations.

     The book also includes a Night Buddies Uncommon Word dictionary, which kids will get a kick out of:
Jeek! Yigg! Yerk Yerk! and more.

     The black and white illustrations by Jessica Love are wonderful and capture the essence of the story.

     Children will love this book and get many laughs out of all the comical situations.

     Excelsior, Mr Hetherington! (Totally super in Night Buddies language)

For more on Sands Hetherington and the Night Buddies series, please visit: