Sunday 22 October 2017

Build Your Network

You can have a stronger network in just 10 days!

You all know that having and keeping a robust network is vital to our career success.
We know the clich├ęs, we’ve been to the networking events. Let’s be honest:
Knowledge is not what’s holding you back from building a strong network.
Action is.
Knowing how to take action and find the new connections most beneficial to your career goals?
Knowing how to take action and begin a conversation with new people?
Knowing how to take action and properly introduce yourself to strangers?
Knowing how to take regular action and how do you maintain a habit of connecting with those in your network?
That’s where my friend David Burkus comes in.
David is a best-selling author, an award-winning podcaster, and a business school professor. He’s sold thousands of copies of his books, spoken to audiences like Fortune 500 companies and the US Naval Academy, and has a TED talk that’s been viewed more than 1.7 million times.
And he’ll be the first to tell you it was the friends in his network that helped him get there.
For the last 2 years, David’s been studying the science of social networks and became angry at the amount of bad advice out there. Most of it is well-meaning, but almost all of it is just advice from one single person on what might have worked well for them.
None of it was a system that could be repeated and NONE of it was based on the scientific research on how humans make connections and strengthen their relationship.
So he did something about it.
David just released a simple but powerful ebook called:
10 Days To A Better Network
In this brief PDF, you’ll walk through 10 evidence-based tactics to truly grow your network and leverage it for your success.
This isn’t a collection of rote advice such as “polish your elevator pitch” or “always eat meals with new people.” Instead, it’s going to outline what 50+ years of social network science research has shown and provide an activity or method that leverages this research to strengthen your network.
In the week of Oct. 23, 18, check out the book and download a copy here: https://dianerobinson–
The best part?
David is giving this book away for FREE – for a limited time to everyone who registers for David’s upcoming Super Connector Summit.
The Super Connector Summit gathers 60+ experts on networking, professional connections, and relationships and shares their advice for changing your life by strengthening your network.
You’ll learn from amazing thinkers and doers like:
Adam Grant, the New York Times bestselling author of Give and Take
Dorie Clark, the personal branding expert behind Reinventing You and Stand Out
Jordan Harbinger, the host of the top-ranked podcast The Art of Charm
Jenny Blake, author of Pivot, international speaker and executive coach
and so many more
The Super Connector Summit kicks off on Monday, October 30th and I wanted to personally invite you to grab a free seat now. And when you do, you’ll also download David’s powerful new ebook.
To your success,
PS: Remember, this ebook is totally free when you register for the Super Connector Summit. Grab your copy (and your seat) here: https://dianerobinson–