Saturday 28 December 2013

Omzak The Space Cat Warrior--A Book Review.

  • Omzak The Space Cat Warrior
  • by Jaylen Grace
  • Ilustrations by Almuth Scheller
  • Publisher: Book Guild Publishing, Nov. 2013
  • First Published in Great Britain, 2012, 
  • The Book Guild Limited
  • Print Length: 122 pages
  • ISBN: 978-1-84624-796-5

About the book:  Fast-paced, intergalactic animal adventure 
Join Captain Omzak on this intergalactic adventure, in which he meets a little girl called Jodie and becomes Earth’s first feline martial arts coach. The race is on for Captain Omzak and his new found Earth cat friends to solve a catnapping mystery and defeat a sinister enemy lurking in the woods! 

              About the author: Jaylen Grace is a freelancd  writer, author and international Life  Coach. She particularly enjoys coaching children. Whilst living in Athens, Jaylen opened the first ‘Life  Coach Centre’ of its kind. For the past eight years Jaylen has been based in London. She still teaches but devotes most of her time to writing. 

From the jacket flap: Hello. The name's Omzak, Captain Omzak. There are two things you should know about me:
                            1. I'm THE best warrior on Planet Catopia and in the 
                                whole universe.
                            2. I hate germs.

A while back I broke a peace treaty by getting in to a fight with a stinking, scumbag ape-like Varian who had dared to set foot in our territory. Now, I'm being punished. They're sending me to England, Planet Earth. My mission? To blend in with those backward Earth cats, find myself a human so I can be their pet, and learn to be humble. And I just bet it's going to be filthy down there.


What I thought: This is a very well written  book with a unique story line about a warrior cat who is sent to  Earth (as a punishment) to live as a regular cat. Omzak is a brilliantly created character, and the supporting characters are fun.  The important moral values of the story encompass: love, friendship, not judging other, courage, and the importance of believing in oneself. Omzak made me laugh as he got himself in and out of situations, some involving too many germs (his phobia). The author is an International Life  Coach, who particularly enjoys working  with children. This book reflects her passion for coaching  and guiding children through life. Omzak is a definite must read for children  and adults alike. It's a great  adventure  book.

There are several incredible black & white illustrations, and some black & white with color illustrations that really enhance the reading experience.

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Saturday 21 December 2013

The Mysteries of The Ocean.

While many of you have been fighting sleet, wind, snow, and ice, I was away in Maui  having a spiritual journey that is so rejuvenating and necessary for my soul. Listening to the wisdom of the ocean's universal language is something I need to do as often as time allows, to clear my head and get back on track in my spiritual and creative world.

 The ocean speaks to those who listen and will guide them to where they need to be in life.

This was my eighth trip to Maui. This place has a way of grounding me and bringing me back to who and what I really am.

Being a creature of nature, I enjoyed being outside all of the time (something very hard to do in Canada in the winter). I do my best creative writing while being outside, preferably when it's warm. The beautiful diversity of Maui is very inspiring.

Now that I'm back in the Winter Wonderland and have rid myself of my writer's block, I will be working on finishing book three in my adventure/fantasy series of Sir Princess Petra.

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