Wednesday 23 May 2012

Book Review--The Faeries of Birchover Wood

The Faeries of Birchover Wood
The Bad
Book 1
Ian S. Rutter, 2012
Kindle Edition

Excerpt:  Back in the days when the King of England fought along side such great beasts to defeat the Bad, a magical pact was formed so that if at any time the Bad was to find a way to escape from the tree, then the spirits of the myths, legends and folklore would come back and fight side by side to protect the innocent. It was their duty. Their solemn vow. It was now that time to fulfill that promise.

The Bad has been imprisoned for a thousand years, by magic, into the trunk of a tree. But the magic is failing. People have forgotten about faeries, dragons, oakmen and goblins. Thus, the magic weakens.

Soloman, an eight year old boy and the main character, moves with his parents to Birchover Village. In the forest behind their new house, all the magical creatures dwell, including the Bad. The Bad is very near to breaking the magic that binds him to the tree. Soloman and his parents, along with the faeries and other mythical creatures of the forest, have to stop the Bad before it destroys the world.

This is an incredible fantasy/adventure story. I was swept up early into the adventure by the strong plot line and the strong characters.

With faerie characters such as; Elder Perennial Swallowtail, Zeal White Oak and Balamore Skullcap; an oakman named, Autumn Brown Leaf, the story captures the reader into a wonderful mythical adventure.

This is a fantasy/adventure story that has everything a great fantasy/adventure story should have. The author has created a magnificent world of faeries, dragons, oakmaen, goblins, ghouls and brownies that live along side humans that all share in the adventure.

The writing is creative, entertaining, and descriptive.

I also like the fact that the author has taken the time to incorporate the importance of the forests in the world--realistically and magically.

If you have never believed that magical creatures live in the forest, you will now.

May the magic never end.

Saturday 19 May 2012

Random Acts of Kindness

My friend, Sue, at gave me a RAOK Shout last week. I would like to return the RAOK back to her. 
Many months ago, while I was searching for people to do reviews on book one of Sir Princess Petra, I came across Sue at Kid Lit Reviews.  First of all, I'd like it to be known that getting reviewers to do a review is not such an easy task. Many emails are sent out, and only a handful reply and agree to do the review. Sue was one of those reviewers.
Sue is a fair and honest reviewer that speaks her mind. That is exactly what a writer wants from the reviewer. Getting reviews on my book was somewhat of a scary venture, but I believed I had done the best I could do in writing the book, and hopefully the reviewer would see that also. Sue gave me a 5 star review, Whew! 
For more of my reviews, go to:
But that is not why we became very good friends. Through the months, we started e-mailing back and forth, talking books, publishing and getting to know each other through each others goofy sense of humor. Sue is also working on her own book.
Now, we are setting up a blog site together called Two Girl Lit (more on this when we're up and running).  Well, Sue is setting it up because I am nearly a computer idiot. I say nearly because several months ago I was a complete computer idiot. Sue has helped me through all kinds of  computer stuff; setting up a blog site, posting pictures, terminology. The list goes on.
Thank you, Sue, for all that you've done for me! You are a great mentor to me. And I'm so glad we are friends.
This is the post Sue had on her blog last week.
The other person who has been instrumental in this blog was once a writer needing a review.  She had a middle grade book about a girl wanting a non-traditional career and parents who were against the whole idea.  The girl kept pressing until she was given a shot at, what the parents believed, she would not succeed.  She did.  That girl was Princess Petra who is now known by the moniker Sir Princess Petra, Royal Knight.
The author of that interestingly funny book somehow became a friend–a good friend.  She not only encourages me, as she does with nearly every post (which means when she has not grabbed pencil and pad and locked the door behind her for more writing time.)  I get emails practically every day asking about my own writing and badgering me to write that book “NOW!  I will.
Her Sir Princess Petra was a hit and now a series.  The book has garnered an award, which I would love to tell you the name of, but I have no idea yet.  Publishers want it hush-hush for now.  It might have to do with the second book of the Pen Pieyu Series which is close to launch day.
  Thank you Diane Mae Robinson, for driving me . . . nuts.  Without all of your encouragement I would not be outlining a book–my book.  I may need some of Erik’s help, too. He is on his second book, but you are now on your third.  The two of  you are hard to keep up with.
 Sir Princess Petra, Book one

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Friday 11 May 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

It is so great to receive a blogging award, especially since just a few months ago, I didn't even know what a blog was.

I have received The Versatile Blogger Award 

As the recipient of this award, there are a few things required of me.

1. I  must thank the giver of the award, as that is only polite.


     1. - Sue Morris is an honest and excellent reviewer of children's
         books, and a prolific writer.

     2. This is a fun person with a cool book and blog.

      3. - Ian has a great blog about e-publishing and has published
        his own e-book.

      4. - A very passionate writer.

     5. - Cheryl has created a very cool book herself, and she did a
         endorsement of my  first book, Sir Princess Petra.
     6. - An amazing and informative site.

     7. - A blog created for the users of Malvern Public

     8. - This blog is all about fantasy books--I love it.

     9. - A hot list of fantasy books.

    10.  - Cathy is a true crime writer.

    11. - A blog devoted to helping adults find great
          children's books.

    12. - A blog for the Cybils Award in Children and Y.A. books.

    13. - Reviews fantasy and sci-fi in Children and Y.A.books.

    14. - This lady is intent on getting good books out to children. Kudos.

         As the name describes. Great site.

3. Tell seven things about myself:

     1. I am a total bookworm, and seldom watch television.

     2. I am a chocolate maniac. Don't make me fight you for that chocolate bar! I have a sword!

     3. I am an avid environmentalist and recycle everything that can be recycled.

    4.  I love animals and cry too much when I read sad animal scenes.

    5.  I've been to Central America five times on dental missions to do free dentistry on the peasant        

    6.  My friends think I hallucinate and should be locked up for a spell, but really, it's just my vivid
          imagination-- honest! (But, I still don't understand why they don't see all the magical creatures
          in their forests).

    7.  I totally admire all creative people--Thank you, creative people, for creating and making this
         world a better place.

Saturday 5 May 2012

Book Signing and Launch

Yesterday, I had a book signing/book launch party at Audrey's Book Store in Edmonton. I sincerely thank the manager, Sharon, for giving me this event, and all of the staff for being the really nice people that they are. You guys were GREAT!

The event was a great success. Many people, many laughs, and a jolly good time all around.

My mom, at left. Friends, Margaret and Sylvia at right. Of course, that's me holding up the book,

My friend, Barry, trying to be a dragon.

                    My sister with the sword. Behave, Cindi!

Barry, with my husband (right), being a very, very good dragon.

You see, as a newly published writer, it is not easy to get these types of events at a big book store. My marketing manager works very hard to get my name out there. Thank you, Jim.

My marketing manager explains to me, that at a book signing, the average sale are between 5-8 books. These are the stats. But the events are not about sales, they are about connections and spreading the word about your book.

At this event, I sold 11 books, and Audrey's Book Store agreed to stock my book after the event and kept 10 more books. If sales go well, they will keep my book in stock. This is a very major success. As a newly published writer, it is very hard to get big book stores to stock your book. You just have to look around the store to see that they stock mostly known writers and new releases of known writers, and maybe some books that have caught their eye along the way.

My sister was very busy handing out push cards to all the people in the store. My husband was trying to be a nice dragon, as per my instructions--no growling, and my mom laughed a lot and just wanted to play her harmonica. There was only a couple of strange instances when my sister got a little wild with the sword and had to be tamed.

Thank you very, very much, to my family and friends that came, laughed, and helped me out with this special day. You guys are awesome!

And thank you to those who bought the book!

I gave my mom a "Free Day" for coming along. Anything she wanted was free, all day, I was buying. She was very excited  and loved her "Free Day". This included food, coffee, wine, whatever she wanted. She even found a special present for herself, and it was free. Now Mom is going to tell all her senior friends about her "Free Day" . . .I think I started something.