Saturday 5 May 2012

Book Signing and Launch

Yesterday, I had a book signing/book launch party at Audrey's Book Store in Edmonton. I sincerely thank the manager, Sharon, for giving me this event, and all of the staff for being the really nice people that they are. You guys were GREAT!

The event was a great success. Many people, many laughs, and a jolly good time all around.

My mom, at left. Friends, Margaret and Sylvia at right. Of course, that's me holding up the book,

My friend, Barry, trying to be a dragon.

                    My sister with the sword. Behave, Cindi!

Barry, with my husband (right), being a very, very good dragon.

You see, as a newly published writer, it is not easy to get these types of events at a big book store. My marketing manager works very hard to get my name out there. Thank you, Jim.

My marketing manager explains to me, that at a book signing, the average sale are between 5-8 books. These are the stats. But the events are not about sales, they are about connections and spreading the word about your book.

At this event, I sold 11 books, and Audrey's Book Store agreed to stock my book after the event and kept 10 more books. If sales go well, they will keep my book in stock. This is a very major success. As a newly published writer, it is very hard to get big book stores to stock your book. You just have to look around the store to see that they stock mostly known writers and new releases of known writers, and maybe some books that have caught their eye along the way.

My sister was very busy handing out push cards to all the people in the store. My husband was trying to be a nice dragon, as per my instructions--no growling, and my mom laughed a lot and just wanted to play her harmonica. There was only a couple of strange instances when my sister got a little wild with the sword and had to be tamed.

Thank you very, very much, to my family and friends that came, laughed, and helped me out with this special day. You guys are awesome!

And thank you to those who bought the book!

I gave my mom a "Free Day" for coming along. Anything she wanted was free, all day, I was buying. She was very excited  and loved her "Free Day". This included food, coffee, wine, whatever she wanted. She even found a special present for herself, and it was free. Now Mom is going to tell all her senior friends about her "Free Day" . . .I think I started something.


  1. The free day didn't sound so free. ha-ha My mom would have loved such a day. Great idea and with Mother's Day right around the corner.

    You have been out selling those so called statistics at every book signing/school reading you do. You must be a great reader or sale-person or both. Now we need to work on the blogger in you. :-)

    You got a book store shelf!!!! Yeah, for you!!! That is fantastic news. What about book two? Will they take that when it is out?

  2. Hi Suzanne. Thanks for the comment. Audreys Book Store would only consider book 2 after reading it, and of course seeing how sales went on book 1. And so it is in the writing world--no guarantees.