Sunday 7 May 2017

This will help you sell more books...

What’s the #1 biggest mistake authors make?

Search that question and you’ll find hundreds of answers.

Things like:
  1. Write shorter sentences!
  2. Publish on platform X (whatever is hot right now)!!
  3. Hire great editors, and fabulous designers, and social media marketers!!!!

It’s not bad advice.

You probably should improve your writing, take advantage of new platforms to sell your book, and work with professionals…

But none of these issues are holding you back from fame and fortune (or simply making a full-time income from your writing).

No, the pitfall you and I need to avoid is obscurity.

There are thousands of books published every day (literally). Why would anyone pick up your book when they have so many others to choose from?

Obscurity will inevitably break even the most committed author over time.

Which means the #1 biggest mistake authors make is not breaking out of obscurity.

It doesn’t matter how clever your prose if no one knows you or your book exist.

Conversely, a book with terrible grammar, spelling mistakes, and a boring cover can generate thousands of sales every month - simply because readers know it exists and they talk about it (share, review, critique, etc.).

If you want to make a full-time living from your writing, you need to become the type of author that readers talk about, and whose books they want to review and share.

The simplest, most effective way to do this is by creating a place for you and your books to live online (outside of the Amazon abyss).


Create a unique sales page for your book.

A book sales page will:
  1. Allow readers to find you online when they search your name (or book’s title) on Google (or whatever search engine they use)
  2. Give your biggest fans a place where they can point new potential readers.
  3. Let you put your “best foot forward” by curating the experience for the reader when they land on the page (e.g. highlighting the best reviews, sharing stellar testimonials, etc.)
  4. Help you build your email list by incentivizing readers to sign up (by offering bonuses, free gifts, etc.)

Bottom line: a book sales page, done right, will lead to more sales.

But what if you’re like me and you’re not a designer by trade?

Good news:

This is a free gift from my friend Jesse Krieger, who is the founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press, an international best-selling author, and the publisher of dozens of best-selling books in a variety of genres.

From his many years of experience, Jesse has seen exactly what works - and what doesn’t - when it comes to generating book sales.

His #1 rule for author success?

Create a captivating book sales page.

Jesse has boiled this down to a science, and follows the same, proven-to-sell template for all the books he publishes.

And thanks to him, now you can have a book sales page that turns random visitors into customers, readers, and new fans.

Click here to get your easy to edit book sales page template, free.

No more struggling to create a book sales page (or avoiding it all together).

Now’s the time to break out of obscurity:

Click here to get your book sales page up and running in minutes, so you can focus on writing your next bestseller.

That’s it for today.

Make sure to watch your inbox - in a few days I’m going to share another free resource that will show you how to leverage your book sales page to launch a bestseller (and generate sales in perpetuity).

Stay tuned!

Best wishes to you in your writing endevours!

Diane Mae Robinson

p.s. Grab this free book sales page template (before it goes away).

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