Tuesday 23 May 2017

Summit is Live: “Join me at this free event!”

Access to life-changing event → FREE right now!

Heads up!

Today is your last chance to get full access to Jesse Krieger’s Bestseller Summit Online for FREE.

Click here to get your free ticket to the summit:

The Bestseller Summit Online kicks off TODAY at 12pm PST with a keynote from Jesse himself.

This session is VERY important to make.

Jesse will lay out his entire framework for publishing bestseller after bestseller.

If you can only make one live session, make sure this one is it!

Get your free ticket to the summit and access to Jesse’s keynote here:

Here’s what you’ll walk away with when you join us at the Bestseller Summit Online:
  1. A full understanding of all your publishing options so you can choose the one that is right for YOU
  2. A plan to make thousands of dollars per month from your book AND 6-figures + from the products, services, and experiences you offer to your readers, customers, and clients.
  3. The ability to inspire others with your stories, strategies, and experiences, and build a loyal following of fans and clients who can’t wait to see what you do next.

Remember, this summit consists of 30+ world-class, multidisciplinary experts including:
  • Steve Olsher → NY Times best-selling author of What is Your What, and creator of The Reinvention Workshop
  • Ajit Nawalkha → co-founder of MindValley, Blinkwebinars, and Evercoach, and mentor of his private mastermind, Zentrepreneur
  • Chandler Bolt → 6-time best-selling author and creator of Self Publishing School
  • Guy Vincent → founder and CEO of Publishizer, a crowdfunding platform funded by 500 Startups
  • Tom Morkes → founder of Insurgent Publishing, which ran the marketing campaigns for New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and dozens of Amazon bestsellers, including setting a record for #1 most funded Nonfiction book on Kickstarter (beating Seth Godin from the top spot)
  • Dave Chesson → best-selling author, Amazon SEO expert, and founder of Kindlepreneur
  • And many, many more

Click here to join for free (last chance for full access for free): https://cl102.isrefer.com/go/bsso.register/dianerobinson/

See you inside the event!

Diane Mae Robinson

PS - Don’t miss Jesse kick off the Bestseller Summit Online today at 12pm PST: https://cl102.isrefer.com/go/bsso.register/dianerobinson/

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