Sunday 8 June 2014

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Award Winning Children's Book Author Diane Mae Robinson

        Announces New Reviews And Future Releases

Robinson’s multi-award winning books, ‘Sir Princess Petra', and the second book in the series,
'Sir Princess Petra's Talent', teach children valuable life lessons through engaging fiction. Both
 books have received rave reviews. Two more books are scheduled for future release
[June 4, 2014, St. Paul, Alberta, Canada] Award winning Canadian author Diane Robinson 's highly 
praised, multi-award winning children’s book, ‘Sir Princess Petra’, the first in the Pen Pieyu series, 
features surprising plot twists and turns, brilliant flashes of humor, zany characters and is rooted
 in timeless values that shine through the charismatic main character. It is written in the tradition 
of C. S. Lewis and is reminiscent of ‘Shrek’. Reviewers have labeled the award winning book a 
‘fantasy adventure that is sure to become a timeless classic.’

'Sir Princess Petra' took an Honorable Mention award in the 2013 Readers' Favorite International 
Awards for Children Grade K - 3rd. Robinson was honored with two major awards for the book. 
She was awarded the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artists Award for Children’s 
Book Author and took 2nd place in the Purple Dragonfly Book awards for Children’s Chapter Book.

The second book in the series, 'Sir Princess Petra's Talent' has already received a number of very
 favorable reviews. The book recently garnered 5 more 5 star reviews and even more praise from 
Midwest Book Review and Readers Favorite.

“Writing and creating this fantasy series has been a fun adventure,” stated Robinson. “Petra is a 
spunky character who teaches children about kindness, accepting others for who they are, 
and believing in yourself. My grammar book is written in the same essence as this series.”

Robinson is currently at work on the third book in the series, 'Sir Princess Petra's Mission'. She is 
also writing an easy-to-understand grammar book for elementary children, 'Grammar for Kids and
 Dragons'. The book deals with elementary grades grammar lessons in a humorous medieval tone.

While dragon books are one of the most popular segments of fantasy fiction and children’s books
 in today's marketplace, in these fantasy fiction books, Robinson uses the dragon books concept 
as the background to teaching young people traditional values. Ms. Robinson's highly praised 
work demonstrates that dragon books can be something much more than dragon books.

Diane Mae Robinson is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information 
below or by email at More information, including reviews, information for 
teachers and librarians, a downloadable lesson plan and a special children’s section is available 
at her website. Both books are currently available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

About Diane Mae Robinson:

Diane Mae Robinson has a journalism diploma from the Schools of Montreal, and an advanced 
diploma from the Institute of Children's Literature in Connecticut. She is a writing instructor/tutor
 for the Children’s Writing Course at the Creative Writing Institute. She is also an artist, writing
 tutor and teaches acrylic and watercolor art to children. She lives with her husband, Allen, in a 
small hilltop castle near St. Paul, Alberta.  They have four dogs and three horses, along with a f
orest inhabited by gnomes, fairies, a princess, and a dragon. This magical forest is where Diane 
creates her characters and gets the inspiration for her stories.


Diane Mae Robinson

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  1. Grammar for Children and Dragons. I love the title. Very original, unique, full of color, humor, and simply smart! Can't wait for the book to release. Would love to interview you and review the book. If you can find me, we're on!

    1. The grammar book is cool; I really like how it's coming along. It still needs a bazillion hours of editing, then I will look for a publisher starting in the fall, So many different publishing houses I can look to with this type of book. You can definitely interview me and review the book. I will find you.

    2. Did you think of grammar book before I mentioned you should write a grammar book or did I put idea into your head? I remember saying this after your first or second post and you said it was possible (or something like that). Just wondering how much of a cut I should sue you for. haha Is coolest idea I ever thought of ad am glad you are doing it. You really do have a way of explaining things. I'll certainly buy a copy - probably two for when the first book wears out. Who needs the Chicago Manual? I'll have Dragon Grammar!!

    3. I didn't think book before you mentioned it, but once you mentioned it, I thought why not? I was doing these grammar posts on here anyway, and they took a lot of thought, so why not do a book? It really is the coolest idea! Sue away, writers have no money.

  2. Oh, and Sir Princess Petra's Mission, too.

    1. Sir Princess Petra's Mission is so on hold. I have to see what happens, if anything, with the series through the agent first--if nothing, then my publisher will take it. It's complicated.