Tuesday 8 October 2013

Blog Tour Success.

A sincere and heartfelt  "Thank you" 
to all of my reviewers, interviewers, and bloggers who did posts for the blog tour to promote my 2nd book, Sir Princess Petra's Talent,

Your willingness to participate in this event is the reason it was so successful. I am very grateful to each of you and so happy to have shared the journey with you, and made some new friends along the way. Sincere thank you to:  Erica, Nikki, Gina, Jessica, Renee, Ruth, Tina, Julie, Brittany, Sam, Emily, Chris, Sue, Sharee, Melinda, Vera, Tonja, C.L., Katy, Jana, Diane, Erik, Steve, Dawn, Allison, and Elaine.

Thank you to all the people who followed the blog and all the people who stopped by and commented. I appreciate it very much.

A special thank you to Sue Morris, from Kid Lit Reviews, who set this whole blog tour up. Sue never ceases to amaze me with her technical know-how and organizational skills. Sue also set up this blog site over a year ago--after explaining to me what a "blog" was.
Thank you so much, Sue! You are a gem of a friend.

Petra and Snarls would like to share their gratitude also. Because of the kind words expressed in the reviews, the fun questions in the interviews, and the great comments, they are quite certain their adventures will continue.

Thank you to all these wonderful blog sites:   

http://acsreadershaven.blogspot.com (Vera) http://chatwithvera.blogspot.com

Visit my author's website at: http://www.dragonsbook.com 


  1. You are so welcome, Diane! The tour was fun! You are so right, Sue is......PAWSOME! We wish you continued success!

    1. C.L., you are such a treasure. It was a fun tour and you were there every step of the way. Thank you.

      I love your word: PAWSOME. That is so awesome.

  2. Don't say I'm terrific yet. The last url is wrong in your list, as it was in mine. The last review would be seen at http://elaineoustonauthor.com for Elaine. Somehow I got the wrong url. Elaine does have the blog above, but it is not the site she reviews on.

    You are welcome Diane. I learned a few things myself. Running a tour is not as easy as it looks. Still, I am glad I did this for you. I love your books (still think when you are done they should be repackaged as one book) and love the characters. I might have to write a, not sure what it is called. One where I write a new story but steal all of your characters. Well, I am going to go rest up for book 3!

  3. Yeah, you rest up, you little dynamo, you. Book 3 has had no words for awhile due to the author's beautiful busy business blogging and babbling tour--the 5 B Tour. Get it? sounds like beater? Bwahahahaha I crack myself up!

    You did an awesome and wonderful job, Sue. I'll correct the url.
    Thank you so much.

  4. The 5 B Tour sounds so nice. When does it start?

  5. What is the 5 B tour? Is it like the 6 W Tour a half dozen Witches took a while back? Could be fun. How do I enlist? What is a B? I have a female do -- never mind.