Friday 5 July 2013

Book Review: Sir Nathan and the Troublesome Task.

Sir Nathan and the Troublesome Task: A Second Somewhat Silly Story 

By Mark Simon Smith

Cover art by Mark Simon Smith

Interior Illustrations by Derek K. Gebler

Published by Mark Simon Smith, 2012

302 Pages, Ages 8 and up

ISBN 978-1477680025

From the back cover:  Once again, trouble has darkened the colorful land of Mariskatania and it is up to the Hero, Sir Nathan, to save the day. There are stories of a terrible, awful, frightening beast roaming the countryside and Sir Nathan must hunt down this creature and return what has been stolen from Queen Gobbledeegook.

As always, he is hampered by evil and treachery every step of the way, as well as by an annoying tag-along who hasn't even taken the necessary two-hour training course to become a knight of Mariskatania.

About the story:  Sir Nathan is on another sillier silly adventure. The royal twins have gone missing---evil and treachery must surely be involved.

Sir Nathan and his trusty steed, Tupolev, are summoned by Queen Gobbledeegook to find the twins.  Early on their quest, they meet up with "Amazing " Grace. Grace wants to be a knight but hasn't taken the preliminary knight course and, she rides a mop named Flopsy.

Somehow, and not by choice, Sir Nathan finds Grace and Flopsy joining in on the quest.

The group encounters a timid dragon who is afraid to fly, a dragon mouth mouse that takes good care of the dragon's teeth, a tribe of dim-witted ogres,  and three witches that share one eyes, one ear, and one nose between them, and other silly and fun characters as they make their way through such land as: Whispering Wasteland,  Hundred-League Crag of Imminent Doom, and Downside-Up Lake of Most Terrible Screams.

Can Sir Nathan smite the evilness and treachery of it all? Can he save the twins and remain the Hero of Mariskatania?  And what of Grace---does she help or hinder the quest?

What I thought: I loved book two.  The silliness, the smiting, the dastardly situations, the humor, the unique characters, especially Sir Nathan  and when he has 'lengthy screaming fits about the dastardly tricks of evil and how it sneaks about, ruining everything'.

The author is a genius at humor and the writing is exciting and clever. The characters are well rounded and the plotting is sound. Several black and white illustrations are fun and enhance the story telling well.

I reviewed book one,  Sir Nathan and the Quest for Queen Gobbledeegook, Here. At that time, I said that book one was my favorite new book. After reading book two, this is now my new favorite-favorite book. 

Children and adults alike will laugh at the silliness and will love this book.

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  1. Nice review. I like how you formatted the review with the cover blurb, what happens , and then your opinion. Very clear. You will make a great reviewer one day. But you will need to stop writing and start reviewing full-time. You can do it!

    The books sound terrific and silly enough to capture the hearts of kids and parents alike (ooh, I need that line for my review-take it out). Mark Smith has a talent many of us are trying hard to cultivate: being able to write and entertain at the same time in a way that will captivate all audiences. If he starts illustrating his books too, I quit!

    Nice book, nice review. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the review compliment, and this coming from a professional reviewer at: ,makes me feel just about worthy of becoming a reviewer. Time wise---hilarious.

    Yes, Mark Simon Smith is very creative and witty writer. We can all learn from him.

  3. You are welcome. I stole your formatting. I decided that "Synopsis" and "Opinion" sounded too dry. That's for the wake-up.

  4. This book sounds like so much fun. We love humorous books in our home! Stopping by on the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Thanks for the intro to a great new book.
    ~Cool Mom
    Stanley & Katrina's Techie

    1. Hi there, Cool Mom,

      This is a fun book and his first book is a hoot. You will love them. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Grace rides a mop, as in literally, a mop? I hope so, because that would be classic - very Monty Python-esque! Thanks for recommending :)

    1. Yes, a real floor mop. It is hilarious. The book is a gem, as is his first book in this series.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Thanks for sharing Steve's second book. Going to add it to my TR list. Sounds as fun as the first one! Thanks for sharing. Cheryl, Hop Hostess

    1. Hi Cheryl, Hop Hostess.

      Yes, the second book is as much fun as the first.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Well that's me sold! I'm off to see if I can get the first two on Kindle, thanks for the tip.

  8. You will love both books, and they will keep you in belly laughs all through the stories.

    Thanks for stopping by, Dee.