Saturday 20 July 2013

Fantasy Kids Books--An Excerpt.

Sir Princess Petra's Talent - The Pen Pieyu Adventures (book 2)
by Diane Mae Robinson
Excerpt Chapter One
Pre-release, July 1, 2013
Offical release, Sept. 24, 2013
copyright 2013

       Excerpt from Chapter 1

The Royal Rule Book, Again

      Petra awoke to the sound of the royal councilman’s bugle. She hastily dressed in leggings and a tunic full of rips and holes from a recent jousting practice and scurried to the royal throne room.

     The king and queen of Pen Pieyu sat on their ragged,
leather thrones. Her mother had a  nervous look about her, and her father, a sly grin. The royal councilman was running in circles until he came upon the royal rule book, which lay under Claymore, the royal mastiff. Somehow,  Petra thought, the royal rule book looked much thicker than last she had seen it. That could only mean trouble. Petra rolled her eyes and gave a little moan. 

 “Father, Mother,” Petra said with a bow, “you summoned me?”

  “Yes, my little Princess Knight,” her father replied, rather surly, as he watched the royal councilman point to a section in the royal rule book. The king stood, cleared his throat, then bellowed out, “It is hereby written that all Princess Knights of the Kingdom of Pen Pieyu must attend Talent School before their tenth year of age. They will be sent to the Land of Lost Donkeys and, under the instruction of King Asterman, learn a talent fit for a princess. After which time, the hereby-said princess---meaning you---will return to the Kingdom of Pen Pieyu with a proper princess talent and a certificate."

  Petra felt her face flush and her manners fly out the window. “That is ridiculous! I am a royal knight since I have accomplished the deed of hushing the howling dragon, Snarls, in the Forest of Doom. I should be treated as a royal knight and not this sissy princess stuff! And, besides, you just wrote that part—”

 “Silence!” the king roared.

 The royal councilman’s eyes grew extremely wide. He flipped the page of the royal book and backed away.

 The king gave his you-had-better-be-quiet glare toward
Petra, then continued to read, loudly,   “The hereby-said Princess Knight will acquire a talent certificate or be in forfeit of this royal rule. Forfeiting this royal rule will entitle the royal magician to turn the hereby-said Princess Knight into a frog to live in the bogs for a period of five years.”  The king smirked and plopped back onto his chair.

.  “You made that all up!” Petra gave her best that’s-not-fair stare. “Our kingdom has never had a Princess Knight, nor any knight for that matter, before me. And as if a person can be turned into a frog.” She wondered about this for just a moment. “At any rate, I would rather be a frog than learn to crochet!” Petra blurted and crossed her arms.


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