Thursday 5 July 2012

Now Accepting Character Applications For Book 3


Diane Mae Robinson, author of Sir Princess Petra - The Pen Pieyu Adventures, book one, is now accepting applications for a character role in book 3.

Book two is being published now and all character roles are taken.

The applicant for the character in book three must be, well . . . a character. One who is willing to appear in a children's chapter book along with many other zany characters. THIS IS NOT AN APPLICATION FOR REAL, LIVE  PEOPLE (but real, live people can leave comments).


  1. You must be willing to live in the land of The Boogie Goobies, which is quite a nice land for a story character to live in.
  2. Must be witty and fun to work with.
  3. Must not have previously been involved in any lawsuits with a writer or film director.
  4. Neat appearance not necessary.
  5. Must get along relatively well with the other characters: Sir Princess Petra Longstride, Snarls, Prince Nastybun, and Duce Crablips, to name a few.
  6. Must, absolutely, positively, listen to the writer.
  7. Pay is very minimal, but snacks are included.
  8. You may or may not appear in book 4.
                         This is the end of the application form

To those of you that are new to my blog site, welcome. To those of you that actually read my blogs, thank you. You are reading a blog written by a person who lives in a forest and talks to fairies, gnomes, the occasional troll (though I'd rather not), and one unruly dragon and one strong-headed princess.

I am currently writing book 3 in The Pen Pieyu Adventures.

But, seriously, if you'd like to know more about "Where Do My Characters Come From", read my guest post on my friend Sue's blog site Kid Lit Reviews

Diane Mae Robinson, Award Winning Author.

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