Saturday 7 March 2015

Book Review: The Legend of Wally Gonkers

Author: R. R. Howroar
Illustrator: Tiffany England
Kindle edition
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  • Print Length: 26 pages
  • Publisher: Zanzabar Valley Publishing (February 11, 2015)
  • ASIN: B00TJ64S0Y

Book Synopsis: One of the hardest things about life is the discouragement we feel when we fail. This can be especially true when we fail to reach our goals or dreams. This fantastical account follows one fellow's life-long journey of achieving his dream of winning a sport that he invented. It shows that we should never give up, even when we face the challenges of advancing years. Above all else, we must never lose sight of the importance of pursuits that others or we ourselves might consider silly. A zany lesson for children and adults alike.

About the story: Wally the Gonk invents a sport using gold plated helmets to bounce golden goo balls into hoops on top of lemon meringue mountains in the Valley of Konk. If a Gonk can bonk off 300 goo piles in a row, he will win the prize to sit next to the king and drink the ruby tears of a dragon that will ensure living a long, healthy life. Each year Wally was the star Gonker and got the farthest of all the players, but he never made it to goo pile 300. When Wally gets older, he gives up the sport until the king persuade him to try one more time.

What I thought: This is a wonderful zany and absolutely fun story written in witty rhyme. The Legend of Wally Gonkers is an original and very creative story. Wally shows the reader how to never give up on achieving your dream no matter what your age is, how you need to use your head as well as your body to achieve excellence in a sport, and how, sometimes, you may need a little bit of help from your friends. This is a great first book for author, R. R. Howroar.

   The illustrations are superb and capture the story's essence to a tee.

   The only criticism I had with the book was that I thought the type setting of the text was rather small and hard to read for a children's book, but that may only be in the kindle edition.


About the author: R.R. Howroar was born and still resides in the Midwest. He has been writing all of his life and finally decided to pursue it as a career of writing Children's stories. What prompted him to make this bold move? R.R. says "After many years of putting it off, last year I finally sat down and put my thoughts onto paper, or pad in this case, the result was quite satisfying. As Wayne Gretsky once said, " you miss 100% of the shots you don't take." "So just writing the book and taking the shot has proven to be a great victory for me. Achieving this has given me all of the confidence in the world to reach out for something I feel I've been destined to do all along." Feel free to contact R.R. and view more of his work at:

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  1. I was immediately drawn to the name of Wally Gonkers! To me, that alone is irresistible :) Add to that the comical cover and I'm picking it up to check it out. It perfectly depicts zany and humorous which you confirmed in your review. Thanks, Diane :)

    1. It really is a fun book. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Thank you for the kind and helpful review Diane. And thank you for the constructive criticism!

    1. Your welcome. I really enjoyed the zany humor of the book. Great job!

    2. Oh, you're welcome too. Misspelling. Oops.