Wednesday 25 February 2015

Petra Wins The Day!

Review of Sir Princess Petra Talent’s by Diane Mae Robinson

This time we are very glad to speak about a children’s book. This work is suitable for children aged 7-12 years. That is a fairy tale enriched with magical words. Its title is Sir Princess Petra’s Talent’s and its author is Diane Mae Robinson, an established and rewarded writer of Children’s books and a writing instructor at the Creative Writing Institute.
The book we are reviewing is the second episode of The Pen Pieyu Adventures, a series set in the reign inhabited by the little, brave Princess Petra, her parents, namely the king and his queen and a royal council that supervises Petra’s friends while they try to follow the rules established by the royal book to became royal knights.
The book opens with the synopsis of the first episode, where the little, nine years Petra gets the title of royal knight to have hushed the howling dragon Snarls. The latter becomes a friend of Petra, but in the book two, the parents of Petra expect their beloved princess to behave as a true Princess and not only as a royal knight. The king, hence, orders Petra to attend the Talent School to gain a talent certificate. If she refuses this proposal, she will be turned into a frog!
Naturally, Petra accepts to attend the School. In this new experience, the Princess is accompanied by her friends Snarls and Prince Duce Crablips of the Kingdom of Crablips. But which will be the talent that Petra will choose at the Talent School? The answer is in the book that we want to define a graceful masterpiece of the children’s literature.
Many readers or aspiring authors believe that writing a children’s book is easier that writing a fiction for young adults. Indeed, in order to fit style of writing for little readers, a writer must have high skills in creative writing. Thanks to her excellent writing skills, Diane Mae Robinson has been capable to create a perfect story for children.
Sir Princess Petra Talent’s is well written and created by using the proper words, sentences and adjectives, the sequences of words build a sort of poetry and this style makes the story more and more poetic and enchanting. This style emerges during each chapter of the book. Moreover, this work contains a high educational purpose because it  teaches children to develop their talent and abilities and overcome the several obstacles imposed by life.
This tale teaches, above all,  to face problems in a fun way. The adventures of Petra and her friends are, indeed, recounted with a humoristic tone and with words capable to lighten every difficult.
But not only, Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is also a book about the most important ethical values in life, namely sense of friendship, respect for other people and for nature, for the sky and the going of the seasons. This book is also enriched with drawings describing the story written by Diane Mae Robinson.
The writing of the author seems to paint and shape the same pictures of this fairy tale. To tell the truth, we have read this book with the mood of a child and we have remained happily charmed. We are sure readers will have the same opinion and much more!
One more thing: Sir Princess Petra Talent’s by Diane Mae Robinson is available onAmazon.
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Book three, Sir Princess Petra's Mission, forethcoming 2015.

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