Friday 5 December 2014

Burp Gun Bandit -- Adult Book Review

 Burp Gun Bandit
The Dudley Files, book two
by Cary Robinson

Golden Hound Press

ISBN-10: 0989060039

  • ISBN-13: 978-0989060035
  • 240 pages

Synopsis: Book II of The Dudley Files, an award winning Dog Comedy Mystery Novel, brings back Dudley, the golden-colored hound dog, with his life partner, Careless, E.D., a blonde beautiful, sassy upstairs neighbor, Sarge, an idiot savant throwback from the '60's, and Birk, their redneck friend with road rage, as they solve the disappearance of a pet miniature donkey named Eddie in The Texas Hill Country and a diabolical mystery surrounding an old World War II rifle that some may say takes on a supernatural flair.

What people are saying: 
"I always say my rescue's rescued me (I have five now!), and clearly Cary Robinson's life changed because of his beloved rescue, Dudley. This is a true feel-good book, and you will love all the wonderful stories about dear Dudley, but most important, it will make you appreciate the heart and soul of shelter animals...they are true FUR ANGELS...."-Jill Rappaport, NBC's award-winning animal advocate and correspondent
"Will Rogers said, '"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." People who understand that will find The Dudley Files totally delicious! There's a laugh on every page, and a few good surprises, too. I'm frothing at the mouth to read Cary Robinson's sequel!"  -Ruth Buzzi, actress, comedienne

"Any fans of Kinky Friedman's books will see his influence right away: Both authors feature Texan-born detectives living in lofts with scene-stealing pet companions." - Kirkus Reviews

"With references to everything from Cozumel scuba diving to Texas songwriter Kinky Friedman, Robinson's crime caper is perfect for lighthearted summer reading." - ForeWord Reviews
"Cary Robinson filled the novel with surprises, intrigue, drama, and humor to create a fast-paced page-turner. I enjoyed reading every page and did not want to put it down until the last one." - Readers Favorite
 What I thought: This is a great book, well written, tons of humor, characters that are multi-dimensional and real, and of course, there is Dudley, the most incredible dog and the brains behind this wonderful comedy mystery (as dictated to his writer). I thoroughly enjoyed the writer's style, quick wit, and sense of adventure. The story was interesting from the get go and had me reading and flipping pages right to the end. Highly Recommended.

This book is also an award winner in the 2014 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards, Fiction/Animals category:

The purchase of this book will help Dudley's friends get rescued from local animal shelters.

About the author:

Cary Robinson typed up this funny dog mystery novel for Dudley because much like his driving,
Dudley's typing stinks. Dudley started off with very little in life. After an extended stay in the executive suite at The SPCA, he found his life partner, not that there's anything wrong with that. He became famous after solving a mystery during The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo but still goes to work every day and even takes phone calls. Please be warned, his phone skills are lacking. This is a classic American tail of wags to riches. Dudley is a great Texan!

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