Saturday 29 November 2014

Award-winning Author, Diane Mae Robinson, Attends Readers' Favorite International Book Awards In Miami, Florida To Receive Medal

Attending the Readers' Favorite International Book Awards on Nov. 22, 2014 in Miami, Florida and receiving a bronze medal for, Sir Princess Petra's Talent (book two), is right up there with "super cool experiences in my life".
Bronze medal, Sir Princess Petra, Grade 4th - 6th category.
This is the series 5th book award.

My sister and I spent three days/nights in Miami. Each of the three evenings, the Readers' Favorite had events lined up for the authors and their guests at our hotel. The first evening, we had a "meet and greet" with the other authors. Evening two had an author/marketing speaking event with guest speaker, award-winning author and marketing guru Eddy Price; a presentation from publicist, Darlene Chan; and an insightful talk from the CEO and president, Debra Gaynor, about what Readers' Favorite Awards looks for in submission entries. The third evening was our award ceremony.
Meet and Greet Night

This year, Readers' Favorite International Book Awards had more entries than previous years and had to extend the announcement of winner by a couple of weeks. List of the categories and the 2014 winners:

With some of the winning authors before the award ceremony. From left: Linda Watkins, Leyla Atke, Adrianne LaCava, Ben Burgess Jr.,Val Silver, Readers' Favorite Book Awards CEO Debra Gaynor, myself, Wayne Clark.

Cindi (my sister), Val, Linda, Wayne, and myself rented a car to cruise down to South Beach. Driving in Miami was chaos! My sister did a fine job of the driving with four backseat drivers who all had different maps. Ha! Tourists!
South Beach, Miami, Florida

One of the great highlights was the day trip to The Miami International Book Fair. I met and talked with many authors, publishers, agents, publicists, and of course, I bought books and had them autographed.
Miami Book Fair just before opening. Yep, raining.

I, along with other authors, was interviewed for Eran Gadot's film about the Readers' Favorite Book Awards.
Diane with Eran Gadot, Silver medal winner for his book, Supernatural Hero.

The Miami experience was incredible: meeting and talking to many award-winning writers, all in the same room; hanging out with fun people as we shared many laughs, accepting a medal for my book without falling off the stage (I did get clunked on the head with the medal as Debra was putting it around my neck), The Miami Book Fair, South Beach, an introduction to Mojitos, and bonding with a small group of incredible people who, I am sure, will be lifelong friends.
Thanks for the memories, Miami!

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