Sunday, 19 May 2013

Redundant Again.

Redundancy. Something that is said over and over and sometime over again, and for the most part is just plain annoying.
There are so many phrases that we write and say which say the same thing. The phrases have become so overused that, somehow, they have become acceptable. Believe me, I have been guilty of the "redundant act" myself.
Here are two over-exaggerated paragraphs, but the point is to realize some of the redundant phrases we use far to often. Can you spot how many redundant phrases are used below? 
As an author, he had a major breakthrough of paramount importance with an altogether new book. The final outcome has kept him out of serious danger from total annihilation with the publisher. The writer and the publisher worked in a joint cooperation to create a successful project that ended up being more than adequate enough. 
This author is considered a trained professional, and his past history as a writer helped him plan in advance to eliminate altogether any misconceptions about the project. The final project should create successful prosperity for the author.
Answer. There are 13 redundant phrases in the paragraphs:
- major breakthrough
- paramount importance
- altogether new
- final outcome
- serious danger
- total annihilation
- joint cooperation
- adequate enough
- trained professional
- plan in advance
- past history
- eliminate altogether
- successful prosperity

So, the lesson here is to become aware of these redundant phrases and to eliminate them. Doing so will make us better writers.

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