Sunday 19 May 2013

Redundant Again.

Redundancy. Something that is said over and over and sometime over again, and for the most part is just plain annoying.
There are so many phrases that we write and say which say the same thing. The phrases have become so overused that, somehow, they have become acceptable. Believe me, I have been guilty of the "redundant act" myself.
Here are two over-exaggerated paragraphs, but the point is to realize some of the redundant phrases we use far to often. Can you spot how many redundant phrases are used below? 
As an author, he had a major breakthrough of paramount importance with an altogether new book. The final outcome has kept him out of serious danger from total annihilation with the publisher. The writer and the publisher worked in a joint cooperation to create a successful project that ended up being more than adequate enough. 
This author is considered a trained professional, and his past history as a writer helped him plan in advance to eliminate altogether any misconceptions about the project. The final project should create successful prosperity for the author.
Answer. There are 13 redundant phrases in the paragraphs:
- major breakthrough
- paramount importance
- altogether new
- final outcome
- serious danger
- total annihilation
- joint cooperation
- adequate enough
- trained professional
- plan in advance
- past history
- eliminate altogether
- successful prosperity

So, the lesson here is to become aware of these redundant phrases and to eliminate them. Doing so will make us better writers.

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  1. Boy, am I ever redundant, or repetitive. Same difference. I say many of those things and then some. But, if characters are to sound like real characters, wouldn't they, too, use redundant phrases?

    I do like your witty post. It must have been a hoot writing those two paragraphs. I love writing stuff like that. The fun stuff that often make no sense at all. Too bad there is not a genre for that type of writing. I'd be as happy as a clam.

  2. Yes, characters would use redundant phrases, but hopefully not 13 within two paragraphs.

    It is always important to have the characters in books use their dialog well. It will bring out important characteristics.

    If their was an award for witty witless writing, I think I could be a contender. And so could you, my witty friend.

  3. Yah, okay, I have a misspelling. It's early morning--not enough coffee yet.

  4. If their award for wittiness was real, you'd already own it. BTW - who are they?

  5. They are; The Witty World of Witless and Wiley Writers, aka, W5.
    Very secretive group, or so I hear.

  6. Not too secretive if you have heard of them.

    Their award is for witless writing? Seems an odd award to give. Who wants to read witless writing? Oh, I get it. Scholars and professor types who read journals of higher scholastic heights would LOVE witless and wiley writing, so long as there is a theory, hypothesis, and and lots of footnotes. Boring!

    I think I'll pass on the witless award. Now, find me a witty award and I'm game! Is the world of the witless really all that witty? There seems to be a conundrum here. I love that word: conundrum. It fits me perfectly, don't you think? From one conundrum to another, I love your site!

  7. Dear Fellow Conundrum,

    You try and write something witty and witless in the same article, then your will understand why there's an award for witless wiley writers.

    Thanks for loving my blog.

  8. Eeps! I may be guilty of using some of these myself. lol I've subscribed by email to your witty blog - looking forward to reading your posts. They are very entertaining! You should link something up in the Kid Lit BLog Hop if you haven't done so already! :)

    1. Hi Renee C.

      Thanks for subscribing to my posts and the witty wonders of the writing world.

      The Kid Lit Blog Hop is always on my "to do" list. It's my working full-time that gets in the way.

      I will try to get to a Hop in July when I am on holidays,


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