Saturday 25 May 2013

Boy In The Magical Forest.

The boy, Ethan, is a real, live, nine-year old boy, and the forest is a real magical forest. This is the story of how Ethan became my number one fan.

Ethan and his mother visited my acreage awhile back, and the first thing we did was go searching for gnomes.

We didn't find any gnomes, but we did notice gnome poop in the horse field. We did find some odd tracks, which could possibly belong to gnomes. And then, we found bones---most probably dragon bones. Ethan took several of these bones home.

I showed Ethan and his mother where Petra and Snarls, and                
all the characters in The Pen Pieyu Adventures (adventure kids books) live in my magical forest.

In the forest, we noticed several wavy, misty, glittering images that darted around---most likey fairies.

Suddenly,  a wild gust of wind that twirled leaves to capture us in its vortex. Then a mighty dragon's roar---or maybe a bellowing cow---that sent us charging, in the other direction.. Then, as if by magic, everything went deadly silent.

That's when we came upon something I'd never seen before . . .

This unique and awe-inspiring mud pie made with flowers and berries, and a horse ornament that has been missing from my house for months. Was the pie magic? Was it made for us? An offering from my story-book characters?

 We were still pondering where the mud pie could have come from when this giant, snarling, wolf-creature rounded the corner.

  Paralized with fear for only the briefest moment, our feet soon took flight. We headed for the safety of the castle gates and then into the castle.
 Once inside the safety of the castle, we made our way to the dinning room where we had lemonade and snacks, and chatted about our adventures of the day.

Since our day of adventure, Ethan has become my (or should I say, Petra's) number one fan. He writes to Petra regularly and Petra writes back. They often exchange gifts.

Ethan has his dragon bones mounted in a frame, although his mother wouldn't allow him to take home any gnome poop (this I don't understand since you don't come across gnome poop that often).

More on Ethan and Petra's blooming friendship in another blog.

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  1. I'm moving in.

    Will be there in two weeks tops.

    Please have lemonade and snacks ready.

    I prefer a double/queen size bed. No twins. Not in a bed or gnomes, dragons, or other fairy-like creatures.

    Will require a safe room in case of becoming overwhelmed by the forest, the castle, or anyone or thing in them.

    You truly do live in a fantastic place. Now if only the weather was warm year-round. Or at least warm.

  2. Yikes! You're moving in?

    "Snarls, Duce, Petra, shape up that bedroom. We're getting company!"

    (whispering)"No,Snarls, you don't have to clean the sheets, just tell her you did . . . hehehehe."

  3. Okay, I heard that. Forgot to tell you I have my hearing aids in working condition again and if I turn them up I can hear all sorts of whispers.

    So what is on the sheets that Snarls is going to just leave, pretending he cleaned it up? What kind of a host are you going to be? I may have to think about this moving thing. I'll let you know.

    But I'll give Snarls time to clean up whatever he left behind from when he apparently laid in the bed. How big is the bed? Maybe I could just live in the bed?

    Keep cleaning and I'll be there when I get there! :-)

  4. (whispering very quietly) Snarls, she's going to notice that you have a head cold and all those snot balls on the bed are disgusting. What should we tell her?)

    (Super silent whispering) psssspsssphhssssspsssssss . . . pssst.

    Sure, come on over!!We're very excited.