Sunday 18 November 2012

Snarls,The Celebrity Dragon

Dragons are just cool!
I have always loved dragons in books, movies, or where ever I happen to come across them. Hence, I write adventure/fantasy books for kids that has a dragon in the stories.
Snarls is the dragon. He is a secondary character in my series, The Pen Pieyu Adventure.

Snarls, being good.
When the reader is first introduced to Snarls, the howling dragon in the Forest of Doom, in book one, he is portrayed as many of his kinfolk: a howling, mean, fire-breathing, eye- brow singing menace.
But, alas, he is not really that way. He just got a bad rap due to the reputations of some other bad dragons in some other people’s books.
Once the reader gets to know Snarls and gives him a chance, just as Petra the main character of the series did, I’m pretty sure they will quite like him.
In fact, Petra and Snarls are the best of friends now. Which goes to show, if you treat a dragon right, good things can come of it.
Petra and Snarls go through the series having the best adventures. They do get into some zany, and somewhat scary, situations though. But  they make a great team and together they can get through anything. And Snarls, with his witty comments, makes the adventure stories that much more fun.
Here are some little known facts about Snarls:
1. He loves to cook.
2. His birthday is Oct 23rd.
3.He carries a resume.
4.Snarls lives in the Forest of Doom near Dragon Mountain. It sound scary at first, but you must know all the facts .His last name is Doom. So the Forest of Doom isn’t quite as scary once you know that the forest belongs to the Doom family and is not a forest full of doom.
5. He loves shiny, sliver things. Petra gave him her makeshift pots and pans armour in book one, and he polishes it daily.
6. His fire breathing doesn’t always work properly—when he get’s nervous, he lets out uncontrollable surges of fire, and when he is trying to be scary, he just huffs out wads of something that looks like shredded parchment.
7. He is somewhat of a scaredy-cat of a dragon, but if he feels he must protect Petra (Petra, the Princess Knight, usually never needs protecting), he summons up courage and shows his brave side.
Snarls has become quite the charismatic character in this series, and he has started to receive fan mail. Yes, fan mail to a dragon. I will post his first fan mail letter next week. Very, very interesting, indeed.
If you would like to know more about Snarls and the other characters in this adventure series, go here:  There is a free coloring book to download also.
The Pen Pieyu Adventures is a four book adventure/fantasy series with zany characters and lots of humor. Book one, Sir Princess Petra was released January, 2012. Book 2, Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is forthcoming January, 2013. I am presently working on book three.
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  1. I loved Snarls in the first book and hope he has a big role in book two. So his fire does not always work. Who doesn't have faults? I love the gentle giant personality and the goofy, kind of geeky attitude the cooking dragon possesses. GO SNARLS!

  2. Snarls will definitely have a big role in book two. In fact, it's getting harder to keep him in line as a secondary character. He now carries a resume. Really, do you think this is necessary? Does
    he really think he might get another job? In some other book, perhaps? Silly dragon.