Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fan Mail To A Dragon

Snarls is a dragon. He is a secondary character in my book one, Sir Princess Petra - The Pen Pieyu Adventures, and subequent books in The Pen Pieyu Adventure series.

Snarls Lotsofpuff Doom

Oh yah, he looks all innocent here, read on. Apparently, my dragon travels, and without my knowlege. This is an anonymous letter I received about some of Snarls's antics.

Dear Author of Snarls,

I love Snarls. But I think you should know some things about your dragon.

When Snarls visits me, he does nothing but agitate my kitties. He throws toys at them, not away from them so they can chase after the toys. Instead they must duck and scramble behind, well, just about anything, they are cats. 

Why does he do this? Is this the way dragons play? Anyway, it's kind of rough!

He also insists on making dinner, something rarely seen here, even when Snarls visits. The fire department likes to show up when Snarls cooks and then we all go out to eat.

Snarls likes to take naps when here. He says the forest you insist he sleep in is too noisy with all the fairies and gnomes and other little people, who always have some shiny bell on them. He would rather sleep here, where he fits in none of the beds, even when placed end-to-end. And, again, the fire department likes to visit when Snarls is asleep, though they wake him up trying to put out the fire his snoring causes.

The fire department is here a lot when Snarls visits and they like to escort him out of the city as well. They must really like that stinker of a dragon. Who wouldn't with his strong smile, steely strength, and saturating stench (burning everything).

Snarls is not here as much as he used to be. He tells me book two keeps him rather busy. He is afraid that when the book is released, he will be much too busy to visit anyone. He is trying to tell me that anytime anyone cracks open book one or book two of the Pen Pieyu Adventures, he must go to work.

Does he really think he works whenever anyone reads one of your books? 

Crazy dragon!

P.S.  I have quite a large sum to pay off to the fire department. Um, could you help with that?

Anonymous Dragon Friend.

Dear Anonymous Dragon Friend,
Thank you for your consideration in informing me about Snarls. He is quite a character, isn’t he? And he does create enough havoc around here too, so don’t feel bad. I possibly could help you will your fire department bill if I knew who you were. Best wishes.
The Author, Diane M. Robinson.

Has anybody else had visits from Snarls? Please let me know.