Sunday 15 July 2012

The Princess Stories

I recently had a photo shoot for my upcoming and improved website for my books. The photographer is Kim at KAS Images, and she did an amazing job. I'm so impressed to have such a talented photographer in my small home-town of St. Paul, Alberta.

All the photos were taken at my acreage. The photo above is in the horse field. The chaos just out of the photo are two dogs and three snoopy horses. Of course, when we tried to get a horse in the picture, he would just nonchalantly walk off.

This photo is on a path from the house leading to the horse field.

The whole point of the fantasy photo shoot is to create an image for the new website. And to create a branding statement about me, the author and fantasy writer.

I write fantasy-adventure-princess-dragon-faerie stories for children. My first book, Sir Princess Petra - The Pen Pieyu Adventures, was released in January, 2012. Book two in this series will be released in late 2012 or early 2013. I am currently writing book three.

My belief is, that as a fantasy writer, I have to somehow immerse myself in that world to be able to write well.

I don't usually walk around in a princess dress or believe I am a princess (well, maybe sometimes), but I do try to get into the frame of mind of what it would have been like to live in those days. Some research is involved, of course. And keeping a record book of words that portray that period is also important.

Most of my inspiration comes from the forest that surrounds my place. I believe in the magic of the forest. Since I was a child I've envisioned the adventures of princesses, dragon, gnomes and faeries in one forest or another; their adventures, just beyond my site.

When I'm seeking a new character for a story, I gaze into the forest or go for a stroll through the woods. This never ceases to amaze me. When I  immerse myself into the magic of what could be, fantasy characters of all natures seem to come out to greet me. I call this process; the character auditions. (Read the blog below for more on character auditions).

Of course, my husband thinks I'm somewhat delusional, but he's not a writer. And non-writers don't understand what a writer has to wrap their head around to write the story.

So, if being delusional is what it takes, I'm all in. I must conquer the quest of bringing my characters and stories to life. And hopefully, and if I've done my job right, enhance the reader's experience while they are in that world.

Award Winning Author,
Diane Mae Robinson

Don't die with your music inside you. Listen to your intuitive inner voice and find what passion stirs your inner soul.  Dr. Wayne Dyer


  1. Diane,

    You are not alone in being delusional. My husband tells me I live in a fantasy world at least six times a day. He doesn't write or read, so has no idea.

    The photos are beautiful! Did you rent that dress? I'm just curious I guess.

    I write fantasy too, but mostly for adults. I do have a MG/YA book on Amazon. And lots of children's short stories, but not published.


    1. Hi Sunni. I love that name! I have a horse named Sunny and
      he's quite the character. Way too smart for a horse. He could work in Hollywood. In fact, maybe I'll get him a job to pay for his keep.
      The dress was borrowed from a friend who does this elaborate
      Halloween thing every year. The sword is my own.
      I'm a medieval nut that is also delusional, or so I'm told.
      Thanks for joining my site and commenting. Keep in touch.

  2. I really like the artwork and photos on this site. Very nice.
    Site is also well contrived.

    1. Thanks,Bruce, for checking out my site and your kind

  3. Diana, I left comments earlier, but I see they did not post. Great sight and wonderful pictures right from your own backyard. WOW!Did get to look at your book this time. Impressive. Started following as Kitten. Stop by catnipoflife and Awakenings.