Thursday 9 February 2012

This blog is going to be dedicated to talking about children's books, whether you're published or unpublished. I am a newly published children's chapter book author, and the road to get there was hard and incredible. My advice to writers trying to get their foot in the door--work hard, never give up, and always, always follow that spiritual voice that tells you what to do.


  1. Hello s. Diane Mae Robinson. I seem to be the only one here. Well, no matter because I know from your previus work that this is going to be a great site. I have joined, so givemee content!!

    Actually, as you know I was awarded a Leibster award for up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers. Looks like you have 2, so you qualify. Good!

    Why? Because of the power given to em am awarding a Leibster to you. There are some things that must be complete before the award is truly yours. I am working on my things right now.

    I do not know how to - wait, be right back, maybe I do - no, didn't work. Their is a badge that goes with this. I will email it to you and you can put it in your side bar. I;ll email the things that must be done to accept the Leibster Award.

    So, Congratulations. I am betting that by the time I would have thought to give this to you (couple months) you would have too many followers and wouldn;t qualify. So let's get the train of people over here next.

    Take care,

  2. Thanks Sue. That's great! Can you let some of your writer friends know about my blog? I would love to start chatting about all the things us writers go through. I had my first "big crowd" reading at an elementary school on Friday. About 100 kids and 25 teachers. I was so nervous that morning that I woke up at 5:00 a.m. to worry. I decided I needed to get brave, but how was I to do it. Finally, I decided to do some Kundalini self hypnosis excercises. I visualized myself being brave and strong with self confidence and poise. I did this for a while, just sitting with my eyes closed and breathing deep and visualizing. It did wonders! I did my book reading and answered questions and sold books, all the while wondering at the sillyness of being afaid to speak to a large crowd. The whole experience made me ponder on the fact that most of us loose our self confidence in front of a crowd. Why are we so scared of being judged?
    As writers, I think we have to stop worrying about judgement so much. It takes us out of our creative zone,and as a writer, sliping out of my creative zone is much more scary! Anyway, that's my deep thought of the day. Any comments? Diane R.

  3. Everyone at the school said you did fabulous and were very excited about your book! :)

  4. Hey girl. Do a post about it your experiences. Your very first post. I know you are a busy beaver, so don't forget I can help you. If you have any questions let me know -- wait, you already do. Okay, you've got that part down.

    Seriously, this would be great post. Start with your nervousness finding out about this event, the hypnosis you did and then some details about it. What did the kids say, the teachers say? Who bought the books? Got any pictures to post with it?

    Now I am excited about your soon to be written post. I will help. Just say what you need me to do -- besides announcing a new post that you haven't considered. Sorry about that, just not enough to erase all of this.

    It will be good for relations and selling books.