Monday 20 February 2012

Liebster Award from Sue Morris at KidLit Reviews

Liebster Award from Sue Morris at Kid Lit Reviews


            I received the Liebster Award from Sue, the super smart reviewer, at Kid Lit Reviews

The Liebster Award is given to a blog site with less than 200 followers, that someone (Sue) finds especially interesting and wants others to notice. To accept the award, there are a few things I must do:

* I must publicly thank the giver of the award: THANK YOU SUE! YOU'RE AWESOME!

* Tell five things about myself:
      1. I have mutiple jobs and some days get mixed up where I'm supposed to be. I work full time in a dental office, part-time as an art teacher for children, I do bookkeeping for two businesses from my home, and I am a writer.
     2. I am very klutzy.
     3. I am an environmentalist. Yes, I hug trees daily and recycle almost everything.
     4. I love animals. I have 4 dogs, and aquarium full of fish, and 3 horses: two horses in retirement and one I ride regularly.
     5, I am just learning to ride a motorcycle--refer to #2 and you will understand why this is so scary.

*Nominate five websites I love and want to share:
     1. Bugs and Bunnies This is a book reviewer with wonderful insight and has a author/illustrator spotlight on Fridays.
     2. HipWriterMama Musings about life, writing and children's books. Website at: I like this lady.
     3.Through a Child's Eye Reviews of young adult and children's literature. Nice website called: The Hungry Readers.
     4.Map of Time/A Trip Into The Past Navigating through someplace called history. Very informative and well laid out history site.
     5. Fumbling With Fiction  Great site for tips on writing.
These sites are worthy of the Liebster Award. All are interesting and fun. Again, thank you Sue for the Liebster. It has sent me down a road of a great investigation and fun reading.To those of you receiving the Liebster Award, please check out the other recipients.
Diane Mae Robinson,

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    Anywho, just to let you know I did my nominations on the 1st.