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Hurly Burly The Squirrel Next Door - Book Review

By S.S. Bazinet

Illustrated by Laura Christine Tiralla

Publisher: Renata Press (October 26, 2015) 

Age Level: 4 – 8 | Grade Level: P – 3




 About The Book

Hurly the squirrel is as cute as they come, but would he make a good house guest?
When Hurly invites himself into a boy’s home, the boy quickly learns that squirrels do not have pleasing inside-the-house manners.

“He chatters and scratches, he picks at the latches
of cupboards that hold all my food!
And if they resist, his teeth will persist,
and sly is his favorite mood.”

This hilarious and brightly illustrated tale of how a squirrel can create chaos will delight young and old readers alike.

What I Thought

This is an ingenious picture story book–it’s an adorable, fun story and a fact book all in one! The story of Hurly Burly the squirrel, written in charming rhyme, unfolds as he invites himself to become a house guest of a little boy. Hurly Burly is trouble, for sure, but he’s the most lovable squirrel ever. So what can the boy do to keep Hurly Burly around but cut down on the chaos in the house?
The squirrel facts (included on every page at the bottom of the story) are delightful and will educate children while they are entertained with the humorous story.
Illustrator Laura Christine Tiralla has captured the essence of Hurly Burly with wonderful artwork.

Hurly Burly The Squirrel Next Door (Squirrel Facts Edition):

Author S. S. Bazinet

My fondest wish is that my stories entertain my readers and also provide them with moments of clarity and a deeper connection to themselves. My books include The Vampire Reclamation Project series, the Sentenced to Heaven series, as well as the YA thriller, My Brother’s Keeper, and a dystopian novel, Dying Takes It Out of You. 

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