Wednesday 15 March 2017

Live today! “Why 72% of Self-Published Authors Never Sell More Than 1,000 Books”

Live today! Listen to best selling authors share their secrets. It's free!

Becoming a 5-figure author comes down to two things and 7 components every writer needs to understand.

And the most successful books are written when two specific components overlap.

Add to this the secret to marketing that no one ever considers and you’ve got yourself the recipe to becoming a 5-figure author.

Could Director of Marketing for Draft2Digital Kevin Tumlinson be wrong about this? I doubt it!

His formula for 5-figure author success is part of the 5-Figure Author challenge which starts TODAY! He reveals it in his exclusive session “Why 72% of Self-Published Authors Never Sell More Than 1,000 Books.”

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But it doesn’t end here. Not only do you need to understand why most authors sell so little, you also need to be aware of the three common hurdles that block your way to a 5-figure author career.

That’s where Honorée Corder comes in. As coach, and author of 20 books, she’ll show you not only what obstacles you’re going to run into but how to overcome them!

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But there’s more! There’s something you need to stop calling yourself if you want to be a 5-figure author. This will allow you to understand the two reasons why readers buy books and how they like to be sold.

That’s what our keynote speaker, founder of Author Marketing Institute, Jim Kukral, has in store for you.

He’ll give you his #1 book marketing strategy, a little known launch technique particularly useful for fiction authors, three top book sales boosters, and more!

Register here to watch Jim's session now (FREE today)!

These eye-opening sessions are 100% FREE for you to attend when you register today.

And this is only Day 1. There are four more days of mind-blowing sessions on book writing, marketing and sales brought to you by the world’s top authors and influencers in the publishing industry.

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To your success!


P.S. The 5-Figure Author Challenge is on! Register here to watch Kevin Tumlinson, Honorée Corder, and Jim Kukral teach for free:


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