Friday 14 February 2014

Free Teacher's Lesson Plan, Grade 4, L.A.

Award winning author, Diane Mae Robinson, has announced that a teacher's  

lesson plan (elementary language arts) is now availalble for 'Sir Princess Petra'. 

The lesson plan is available at no charge as a download from her website.


Teachers Lesson Plan (Elementary Language Arts)   

Now Available From Award Winning Children's Book

Author Diane Mae Robinson

Robinson's multi-award winning work, 'Sir Princess Petra', teaches children valuable life lessons 
through engaging fiction.  A no-cost teacher's lesson plan, developed by an elementary school
teacher, about the book is now available. The general outcome of the lesson plan: students
will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and

Full News Release here:


Diane Mae Robinson

Teachers/Librarians page link:

Lesson plan link:'s_Lesson_Plan.pdf-


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