Saturday 21 December 2013

The Mysteries of The Ocean.

While many of you have been fighting sleet, wind, snow, and ice, I was away in Maui  having a spiritual journey that is so rejuvenating and necessary for my soul. Listening to the wisdom of the ocean's universal language is something I need to do as often as time allows, to clear my head and get back on track in my spiritual and creative world.

 The ocean speaks to those who listen and will guide them to where they need to be in life.

This was my eighth trip to Maui. This place has a way of grounding me and bringing me back to who and what I really am.

Being a creature of nature, I enjoyed being outside all of the time (something very hard to do in Canada in the winter). I do my best creative writing while being outside, preferably when it's warm. The beautiful diversity of Maui is very inspiring.

Now that I'm back in the Winter Wonderland and have rid myself of my writer's block, I will be working on finishing book three in my adventure/fantasy series of Sir Princess Petra.

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  1. Noo!!! Diane, here we are in the middle of winter, the longest day of the year just the day before and what do you do? Show us pictures of the ocean. That's torture. ;)

    Happy to hear you enjoyed yourself and that you've cured yourself of writer's block. Much success to you in your endeavors!

    1. Sorry I couldn't bring you with me J.G. It was a wonderful holiday, but now that I'm back winter hurts twice as much.
      I wish you all the success int he world also.
      Take care.

  2. I hope you brought some of that warmth back with you. It is bitter cold here. And I am not in Canada.

    I hope you enjoyed your trip. Glad you could get away. Now go enjoy the holidays. I sent you a card. Hope you got it. Loved the one from you!

    1. I think I did bring some of the warmth back. Temperatures here have been between -16 to -1 C degrees (in other words, balmy). While I was away, I was told we had -38 C degrees with wind chills that add up to -55 C degrees in Alberta. That's just nasty cold!
      I didn't get a card from you yet. If you mailed it, the mail will all be delayed by at least a week.
      Take care, Sue.

  3. Where is that warmth? It is in the negative degrees F, not C. Seriously cold -30 in Ohio? And me, save and warm - forgetting to start my car for three, no four days now. Can you say "rumm rumm dead battery?"

  4. Hey, Sue.

    It's cold here too. Bundle up and think warm thoughts. Spring is around the next four or five corners.