Friday 15 November 2013

Rrrrrrgggle. A Book Review.

 Rrrrrrgggle - Book 1 of The Wesley Series
Written by Monsier J and Mister F
Illustrations by Papaya
  • BN ID: 2940149028566 eBook
  • Ages 9 - 12
  • Publisher: Monsieur J & Mister F
  • Publication date: 11/7/2013

Synopsis: Wesley and his zombie family have moved to the quaint mountain town of Stuff Falls, where Wesley will be attending fifth grade at his very first all-human school.

   But getting along with humans ain't all it's cracked up to be, and Wesley finds his new life is chock full of odd characters, including Caesar, his new friend who shrinks every year; the what-a-freak twins, who think everyone who's not them is a freak (this goes doubly for zombies); and Drake, the genius school bully whose robot pigeon sits perched on his shoulder.

   Packed with laughs, beautiful illustrations, and numbskull humans who think zombies actually eat brains, Rrrrrrggggle! is the first book in the Wesley Series. So come join in on what zombie book critic Warez Myhedatt has called a... Well, we're not sure exactly what he said, but by the tone of his mumbles and grumbles, we're guessing he had a grand ol' time. 

About The Book: Wesley is going into fifth grade in a new "normal human" school (so his parents say). He is a zombie kid who is not quite as zombieish as his zombie parents, and he just wants to fit in. He learned human talk in his younger years, which should help with the fitting in part. (His mother still talks zombie and talks like this: "Ghrghrghdh!"  and "Fihikhjsdfjsd?". His father is learning human and talks like this: "Leaking cow bucket best pal." and "Night time bad with no cricket painting fence post.")

 On the first day of school, Wesley is late (he's not real good with first days). Some kids poke fun at him, due to his zombie state. Wesley takes this all in stride--after all, it's not his first day being a zombie.

Grams, the strange and secretive girl who always wears a white hoody, white snow pants, and has white hairs; and Ceasar,a half-zombie who shrinks with age, and has a wardrobe of costumes which he changes daily, become his friends.

Wesley also quickly makes an enemy: Drake, a very strange mad-scientist-bully kid with a pigeon sidekick.

 Wesley soon realizes that not everything is as normal at this school as he first thought. The zany adventures heat up when Wesley is forced into a type of duel, at the "pillars of doom", with Drake. Can Wesley, with the help of his friends, find a way to outwit the evil Drake and his weird sidekick pigeon?

What I Though: First off, after I finished laughing at this humorous story, I thought: I am now a zombie-book fan, which I wasn't yesterday. This is a wonderfully well written book with hilarious, oddball characters, sound plotting, vivid descriptive passages, wackier than wacky humor, and great illustrations.

 I knew this would be a well written book because one of the writers, which I have had the pleasure of working with, has an editing background--can't say how, where, or why I know this, as both the writer's identities seems to be somewhat secretive. The authors and illustrator have created an incredible fun story for middle grade kids. I definitely recommend this book. If you aren't a zombie fan, you will be. And be careful, you may laugh your head right off.

Fun Excerpt:
(Wesley's) Bad Gym Class Memories:
       1. Being de-pantsed (first grade)
       2. My head used as a ball (third grade)
       3. Pull-ups challenge (fourth grade)
       4. Picking teams (every single stinking grade ever)
#4 is happening right now, with a possible incoming of both #1 and #2.
       That’s because it’s Dodgeball Day.

P.S. To learn what "Rrrrrrggggle" means in zombie language, read the book.

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  1. This is one strange book--which is a compliment. If I said it was a good book, wouldn't that be bad news to these "kids?" Anyway, the story about a bully is very common lately, so if you think this is a well written book with lots of humor that made you laugh your now-vacationing buns off, I will agree, since I know you can be very picky. What could be better than having a co-writer who is an editor? Well, YOU being the editor.

    How did this not hit my radar? I just received two self-published books that I should not have. I want a well-written book to come my way. Whoever these mysterious writers are--and why are they hiding if this is a good book--if they would like another review, I would be happy to be that reviewer. Just an FYI.

  2. This is a well written book and I will let Monsier J and Mister F know that you would be interested in reviewing it. It had just come out when I reviewed it, so it hasn't been out that long and I know Mister F.

    I have no idea why they are hiding their real names. Maybe they are zombies that don't want to be associated with "real" people.