Friday 20 September 2013

Dragon Facts And Award News.

Dragon Books For Children and Dragon Facts

Dragon books for children usually have some interesting dragon facts attached to the dragon character in the story. This is my dragon, Snarls, from The Forest of Doom. He is a secondary character in my adventure kids books series, The Pen Pieyu Adventures.
Illustration by Samantha Kickingbird
Illustration by Samantha Kickingbird
Snarls, unlike a lot of his dragon relatives out there, is actually quite charming. Here are some facts about my dragon character, Snarls.
Snarls the Dragon
Lives nearby and inside and around Dragon Mountain in The Forest of Doom (see map below).
Birthday: October 23
Age: 3 (that equals 12 in people years).
Middle name: Lotzapuf (middle name after his mother’s father, Singe Burnett Lotzapuf).
Last name: Doom
Favorite color: shiny silver things.
Favorite food: onions and exotic spices.
Favorite activities: cooking, barbeques, parties, cooking, adventures, cooking, cuddling up with a good book.
Dislikes: falling rocks, being chased, indigestion, having a cold, when his fire does not work--since he is a fire-breathing dragon, this is quite embarrassing to him.
Flaws: His fire-breathing doesn't necessarily fire-up when he needs it to, and at the most inopportune times, his fire-breathing seems to let go all on it's own. And, he can't fly--even though he lets people believe he can.
Girlfriends: One. Her name is Babbling Suzy, and she only exists in his dreams, not in my fantasy kids books. He talks about Babbling Suzy in his sleep. Interesting.
Random Insert: Sir Princess Petra, book one, has won another award:          
                                              Honorable Mention in the                                                                                     Readers' Favorite International Book Awards                                                                                   (K - 3rd grade category)


Travels: Snarls was born and raised in the Forest of Doom. He has traveled on adventures with Petra, of course, to the Kingdom of Lost Donkeys and to The Vast Wilderness. With Petra's encouragement, he has also successfully crossed Hobble-Wobble Creek.
Petra and Snarls don't know it yet, but very soon they will travel to the Kingdom of Boogy Gobees. Why? Because the king will be writing a new rule in the royal rule book. Hmmm, I wonder why the castle in the lands of the Kingdom of Boogy Gobees is so crooked? Maybe Petra and Snarls will find out in book three. 
Petra and Snarls crossing Hobble-Wobble Creek.

Book two, Sir Princess Petra's Talent, releasing Sept. 24, 2013
Has anybody noticed that I drew the map to look like the shape of a head? No? Check out the map again.
For more information on the characters of my fantasy kids books, go here:


  1. I noticed! It looks like Petra's head but really should look like the star of the series --SNARLS (not Snarl like in your first sentence.) The Vast Wilderness is in Petra's nose.
    Shoot, I have a cat in my face!


  2. Snarls, is that you? trying to make yourself the star of the series? And what are you doing with Sue's cat again?

    Get you dragon butt home, right now.

  3. Dragon butt on westbound wind tunnel to Canada, right now. (hehe, I just read this and its November, hehe)

  4. Where have you been you, fire-breathing-want-to-be dragon? Get your sorry butt home! Now! We have a book to write.