Saturday 24 August 2013

There Is Magic In The Forest.

Magical forests are real. I have lived near one forest or another my whole life, and they were all very inspiring and held real magic for me.

Spirit Hill Forest, my backyard magical forest, Alberta, Canada

When I was a child, my imagination soared when I was amongst the giants of the woods and the magical creatures who could very easily dwell there. Somehow, they were just out of sight as soon as I turned my head their way. I often imagined that I just glimpsed the tail-end of a cloak disappeaingr behind a tree, and, sometimes, I heard the whispers and giggles of elves.  Occasionally, I say sparkles fluttering around--surely this must have been faeries.

My infatuation with fantasy kids books and magical forests has been with me for as long as I remember. This is why I am certain that I will always write books that are fantasy kids books and adventure books for kids.

If you were ever wondering how you would know a magical forest, I have some suggestions:

1.  The trees sway and clap when you enter the forest.
2.  There is a mistiness about the forest, or the trees are giants and of a unique nature, or you spot the glitter sparkles fluttering around.
3.  The fall colors definitely look painted on--this is because every magical forest has a Forest Painter in charge of the fall colors.
4.  You will probably hear rustling noises--this is caused by the excitement and scurrying of gnomes, elves, and faeries.
5.  You will also smell a woodsy, musty odor, which is created by the bark soup all magical creatures make at dusk.

If you still aren't sure it's a magical forest, here are some pictures of real magical forests that you can refer to:

Crooked Forest, Poland

The Redwood Forest, California
A painted forest of undisclosed location
Stone Forest, China

Are you convinced yet? Do you believe in the magic that dwells within each of these--and many, many more--magical forests?
Actually, magic exists everywhere, you just have to believe.

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  1. The Crooked Forest in Poland is real? How in the world are the trees grounded enough to support other branches and leaves. You do not need to reply. I know your answer: "It's magic!" Maybe that one really is. Wow.

    The painted forest is spectacular. If done by an artist that artist is very talented. If real well, another artist is more talented than I had already known him to be. It is mesmerizing to look at. It is hard to take my eyes off of that one.

    Cool post. Best one yet, not counting the grammar posts.

  2. You really need to get your own magical forest. So many crazy and fun thing go on in a magical forest. Remember, I told you if you can't find a forest to call your own, stand up a bunch of asparagus and add sparkles. Voila! Magic! Forest!

  3. also the article is nice