Sunday 16 December 2012

More Dragon Fan Mail. Sheesh!

Really, my dragon gets more fan mail than I do. Snarls is a secondary character in my, The Pen Pieyu Adventure series. To read the first fan letter about Snarls from Miss Anonymous, read the blog of Nov. 11, 2012.

Dear Author Person,

I am miffed. I never thought you would post my last letter for all the world to see. How is this going to make Snarls feel? Okay, he will feel great. Attention is attention to him. But what about me? I don't need the entire world knowing I have a dragon friend? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? Okay, maybe you don't, but it does. 

Who is that with Snarls in the picture?Some skank character of yours? It is bad enough he hangs with Petra, and now some character named Babblin wants to talk his ear off, and mine too. Why did you send her with Snarls to my house? Do you really think I need a talker on top of a fire breathing snoring dragon?  

I like Snarls, I really do, even the fire he puts everywhere is kind of endearing. Oh,and thanks for the tip about giving Snarls water before bedtime---to cut down on the fires.

Snarls is most welcome, as long as he stops scaring the kitties. As soon as one of them climbs up his tail, by his invitation, Snarls flips his tail and sends the cat flying through the air. Sure they always land on their feet but I always nearly have a heart attack. I got an email from him saying he was quite busy with book two, something about getting the editors to see things his way "or else."

I have never been visited by story book character before yours. I am kind of getting used to it. 

And yes, when Snarls visits me he always brings pajamas and snacks.

P.S. Fire department bill for all the previous havoc Snarls created at my house is in the mail.

Miss Anonymous.

Dear Miss Anonymous,

What can I say. My dragon has a mind of his own and he does play a little rough. We're working on that.

I can't believe he complained about his role in book 2. He seemed fine with it all through the writing and editing. Well, there is a little part about him wearing a pink, tasseled saddle that he complained about, but I thought he was over that.

Sorry for all the havoc he creates. Snarls really likes visiting you and, all the sleep-overs.

The Author.

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