Monday 29 October 2012

Intruding Characters

Who is this character and why is she showing up in the middle of my story? Did you ever have this happen?

I'm in the process of writing the third book of The Pen Pieyu Adventures series. I have a few new characters that compel the story forward, and those characters are behaving quite well.

Then, as I'm writing away, minding my own writer's business, along comes an intruder. The unscheduled Bablelyn comes waltzing into the forest, right in the middle of a great mud-slinging fight scene I have planned between Petra and Snarls against the Leafmen in the land of The Boogie Goobees.

 Bablelyn is, apparently, Sir Princess Petra's cousin. And you guessed it, she never shuts up.

I am trying to point out to Bablelyn that she is not a planned character nor is she in the outline of book three.  She doesn't seem concerned with my petty author problems, she just insists she has every right to be here and to show up now, in book three.

I've never had this happen before.

Day by day, Bablelyn is becoming a stronger and more outspoken character in my mind and she's upsetting my writing process, even as I try to ignore her, by her constant pestering. Right now, she reminds me of an itchy mosquito bite that I have to keep scratching.

So Babelyn babbles on and on trying to convince me she is an important character. She is Petra's cousin from a far away land that I haven't even heard of. Babelyn is proving to be the exact opposite of Petra. Where Petra is kind, understand, and accepting of others, Babelyn is self-centered,  nearly rude, and most definitely annoying.

So now what?

Reasoning with Babelyn has not worked. Ignoring her just makes her stronger. I've even tried explaining to her that her kingdom is not on the map that is in this series. Her response---make the map bigger.

Finally, I resolve to quit writing my "planned" story and start writing down facts and characteristics about Babelyn, hoping that this may quiet her down or just calm her ego enough that she may leave.

For the most part, before I start writing the next book in the series, all my characters, scenes, and plotting are planned out. Some of this information is written down in my "character diaries" book, and a lot of the plotting is stored in my head, like movie scenes I keep replaying.

Regardless of the way I create the story, I've never had an unscheduled character intrude on my stories before. It is kind of unsettling. I thought I knew everything there was to know about this new story.

So, as this new and strong character intrudes on my story, and it appears she will not take "no" for an answer, I must consider what part she could possibly play in the story line.

And why, pray tell, did she show up in the important mud-slinging scene with the Leafmen?

Well . . .Babelyn is definitely an interesting character. She might rile things up a bit.

Humm . . .

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  1. Babelyn sure looks happy. I am surprised you got a picture of her for this post. I thought story book characters could only be captured by illustrators, not writers and certainly not by cameras. Boy, you got a good shot considering. Babelyn does look like she talks incessantly. I bet that can be hard to write a character like that. Her lines must be really long.

    If you kept her in book three, she could be the one to talk to the king for Petra. He would give in to what ever it is Petra wants, regardless of the Royal Rulebook, just to get Babelyn to be quiet.

    Why is she bothering you? Except that she would not exist if you had not of created her, right? She comes from your mind, right? So this means she is part you, right? So are you saying you want to put yourself into book three?

    That is just weird. Granted I have not written a book about talking dragons and little girl knights but I still don't think you should be in your own children's book unless it is a memoir, right?

    Did I answer your question?

  2. Awww, busted! You psychology types are so smart.

  3. Thank you!

    Now, about this book three. I heard that book two is not out yet. If true, why are you working on book three? Would it not make sense to finish book two first? Maybe I do not understand the creative process as well as I thought, because I thought book one is before book two which follows book one. Then book three would follow book two, but if book two is not out, then book three should not be started. Why would anyone want to read book three before book two? Or before book one?

    These characters that "follow" you around and bother your sleep, are they not simply figments of your imagination? So if you stopped imagining, then would these figments then go away and let you sleep--which it seems you need more of these days?

    My suggestion is you stop imagining these characters and worlds and whatever else sparked the creation of these characters that follow you around, not letting you sleep. then, when your mind in empty, finish book two and then start book three. If you keep your mind empty of these imaginative characters, they cannot follow you around and keep you awake. Good luck.

  4. Hey Mr. or Ms. or Mrs or Missy Anonymous,

    You sound a little muddled up.

    Yes, books go in order. Book two, Sir Princess Petra's Talent - The Pen Pieyu Adventures will be coming out in early 2013. I am writing book three now. It's takes a long time to write a book, but they still have to go in order.

    And, I'll have you know, my characters are not figments of my imagination--I think--no, I'm sure, they are real.

    If you go visit the comments on the post "Fan Mail To A Dragon", you will see that they visit and harass other people too.

    Hey, are you the same anonymous that wrote before?

    The author.

  5. Before what? Why am I muddled up? What does muddled UP mean exactly? Can one be muddled UP and if so, then one can be muddled DOWN. That all sounds a bit crazed to me. Have you maybe been drinking too much of the beer you all favor? (that;s what I heard)

    This "Fan Mail to a Dragon" sounds like a lot of fooey to me. Dragons do not exist if they ever did. You and this other author I read a while back must be related. They think there is a Great Dragon of Wales and the thing is under ground waiting to be released. Now really, don't you think that news would have made BBC?

    So are you and this Miss Anonymous in cahoots? Trying to get some interest going in this here blog are you? Well, I think if you commented on every post at this one site I go to and maybe wrote a guest post or two now and again, you might just find you have more people than ever over here. (Honestly, I think they are looking for a better place to hang out).

    Give it a try. Go here at see if she'll let you participate. I here she moderates at least the first post to make sure you ain't a scammer. Are you? Okay then. go to She's a kind one, so be nice when you ask for a favor. I know you could find your audience cause you have gots a real nice voice, you know, in print. I don't know about a voice voice cause I never really heard your voice voice but your writing voice is real good. Have you thought about writing for adults? You could write something funny, or not, your choice.

    Okay, now what is this you want to know about what, before what? Please elaborates.

  6. Dear Miss Anonymous (just using her site so it is easy for you,

    Wow, you sure have a long name.


    (nice voice) Oh, you think this lady at
    would want to have a guest post from me? And maybe be joined in by the other Miss Anonymous that's been writing to me? That's so cool. I will try to contact this nice lady.

    Thank you for the advice.

    I don't know what you mean about the what,before what, what

    Take care.
    The author.