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Sir Princess Petra's Talent - The Pen Pieyu Adventures (book two) 

Endorsement: "Petra must go to Talent School to get a certificate in a talent befitting a princess. But who knew that her talent could touch the hearts of so many? Many lessons will be learned and readers will be inclined to look into their own hearts to see where their own talents lie. This is a delightfully humorous and imaginative tale that children of all ages will not only enjoy, but will be one the their favorites for years to come."

   ---Renee Hand, Multi-Award Winning & Amazon Best Selling Author, The Crypto-Capers and Joe-Joe Nut Series.

Reviews for Sir Princess Petra's Talent - The Pen Pieyu Adventures (book two)
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5 / 5 Children’s Literary Classics International Book Awards 
Princess stereotypes are gloriously debunked in this book about a royal who dares to be herself. Author Diane Mae Robinson's second book in the Pen Pieyu Adventures is a delightful read and one that is sure to engage and enthrall young readers.  Sir Princess Petra's Talent is recommended for home and school libraries and has earned the Literary Classics Seal of Approval.

Diane peppers her book with fanciful drawings by Samantha Kickingbird (and a terrific cover by Errol Villamante) of maps, scrolls, figures of the cast as well as the story at the end. She keeps the book short (a true plus for young readers) and makes her dialogue full of contemporary humor with just the right touch of lightness. In other words, Diane has mastered this genre. Or as other have said, her books are 'amazingly fresh, charmingly funny, and embrace timeless values kindness, understanding, and respect'. Highly recommended. Grady Harp. 

5 / 5 Alinka Rutkowska, Award Winning Children's Author So Empowering.
I love this book series! In the author's first book, Sir Princess Petra (Pen Pieyu Adventures) , our princess proves that she can face many challenges, including an encounter with a dragon, Snarls, and can become a Knight (to her parents horror).
In "Sir Princess Petra's Talent," our heroine comes back to be sent to Talent School. Unfortunately finding the right course is not as easy as it may sound for Petra is not a very girly princess! After many adventures Petra does find what her talent is!
This is a wonderful, fast-paced story full of humor and profound messages - what a powerful combination! I'm eagerly awaiting sequels!

Midwest Book Review
"Sir Princess Petra's Talent" continues a theme of discovering one's true gifts and identity unclouded by hampering gender or other stereotypes' influences. Thus begins the voyage of discovery in this second volume of a very funny, creative series. Humor is the secret weapon, unexpected and delightful, that succeeds in enthralling young readers or dragons alike. Readers will find the framing of the story just as surprising as its ending, as all pages vibrate with a freshness of vision that is also hauntingly familiar and believable. "Sir Princess Petra's Talent" will lead all kinds of readers through tangles of wildwood and torrents of intrigue to arrive at an unexpected place in the heart.

5 / 5  CDyess, Author
 Robinson has once again beautifully written a story of a bravery 
In book two you soon find Sir Princess Petra facing another dilemma. Her father conjures up more rules about what she must do in attempts to steer her from being a knight. But with all the grace this lady has she owns the charge and discovers so much more.
Robinson has once again beautifully written a story of a bravery, friendship, honor, trust and truth. Children will learn many lessons from this story and not just about onions! High recommendations!

5 / 5  Val Silver, Award-winning author
Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is a light-hearted, fast reading and clever adventure. The subtle messages that girls and boys can pursue whatever interests them and can be true to themselves is woven throughout the story. Young readers will really enjoy this book.

5/ 5 BJonsmom, Author
With imaginative, colorful prose and whimsical, lovingly-drawn characters with comical names that kids love, Robinson takes readers on a journey that is as message-filled as it is entertaining. The heroine is feisty, independent, resourceful - no knitting, etiquette, crochet or sewing school for her. She will excel in a talent of her own choosing despite obstacles and dangers thrown in her way at every turn.
Not only does Petra perform her Knightly duties with her own flair and style, she willingly shares her knowledge, insights and wisdom with her friends so they might realize their own potential. And when she finally reveals her Talent with everyone in the Kingdom, all feel the magic, the love, and the beauty she evokes. And that is the real measure of a Princess.

5 / 5 Sue Morris, Kid Lit Reviews
Princess Petra is Not Your Normal Princess - She's Better! Petra is a great role model for girls. There are many oddball characters, some silly situations,and a pair of determined parents. Attempts to control a strong-headed, yet kind and caring almost ten-year-old royal brings about goofy humor kids will like. Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is a story worth remembering.

5 / 5 Mark Simon Smith, Children’s Book Author
  Delightful and Fun.  Author Diane Mae Robinson has done it again. Her first book was a captivating, light-hearted, and whimsical fantasy romp that immediately grabs the young reader's attention and holds it tight and the second is no different. The colorful descriptions and downright silly goofiness set these stories apart. I can't imagine the reader the wouldn't be interested in these books.

5 / 5 Steve Lothian, Author  Sir Princess Petra's Talent is original, kinda quirky and plenty of fun. Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is a clever and fun adventure . . .the plot is original, kinda quirky and plenty of fun. I loved the humorous tone of the story and think the author has done a great job . . . this book is that it was awesome. I’m not normally a Princessy story kinda guy, but I have to say that this one was rather cool. 

5 /5 Litpick Student Reviews
This is a book about being who you want to be, not who other people want you to be. Petra is a princess who wants to be a knight, so she becomes a knight. Snarls is a dragon who wants to be a chef, so he becomes a chef. Prince Duce Crablips wants to learn how to crochet, so he learns how to crochet. 
I think it's a great lesson to be original, even if it's a little weird.
Brittany,Tales of A Bookworm, Author/English Teacher
Princess Petra is a charming and fun adventure with a fascinating princess . . .I enjoyed the details like almost Dickensian names, the royal magician, plot twists, along with the adventure. I was thrilled to see Petra embrace her talent, and I think many parents and teachers will, too. This is a delightful, charming tale for readers who love a spirited character – I recommend it!

5 / 5 Ruth, My Devotional Thoughts A Nontraditional Princess
It’s okay to be who you really are, and this book emphasizes that point to a tee. The characters are well-developed, . . . the story was fun and thrilling.

5 / 5 Wanda
I very much enjoyed book two in this series. Sir Princess Petra doesn't want to go to Princess School but she manages to find a work-around. She is strong and kind and a wonder role model for children. She keeps the King and Queen on their toes and she challenges their desire for her to be a proper Princess. The author knows how to entertain young readers with fun and interesting characters alongside a healthy does of humor!

Melinda T.Falgoust, Author In this funky fairy tale of medieval mayhem, Diane Mae Robinson has once again given readers a spunky main character driven by the need to be true to herself, even in the face of adversity . . . is a laugh-out-loud tale of tenacity in a kingdom of quirky characters. The delightful pencil sketches woven throughout the story capture the light-hearted whimsy of the story's crazy characters.

5 / 5 Julie Grasso, Author A Delightful Role Model
Hurrah, Petra has obtained her talent, but on the way, the adventure in her spirit rears up . . .This was a wonderful story, where we see Petra's beautiful personality develop even further. I absolutely adore Petra's innocent antics . . .

4/ 5 Jeanne Rogers, Award-winning Children's Author  Wonderful Children's Fantasy
Diane M. Robinson has created a heroine unlike any other in children’s literature. Sir Princess Petra sets a fine example for young readers, and for young girls, as the Princess teaches them what’s really important, like friends, being true, brave, honest, and always having faith in your Dragon! Ms. Robinson sets the bar by writing a truly charming and imaginative adventure series and I heartily recommend it.

5 /5 Lian Perry, Kid Reviewer
King Longstride has decided that Sir Princess Petra must go to Talent School to gain a princess Talent or risk losing her knighthood. She chooses to go to Writing School, which is about as un-princess as she can get. On her way home to Pen Pieyu, She finds out about a new knight and makes a bunch of new friends. The title screams “Girly”, but even though I am a boy, I liked it.

5 / 5 Jessica, Nayus Reading Corner It is truly a hilarious, light-hearted read that is a treasure on anyone's bookshelf.

4 / 5 Vera Godley, ACS Readers Haven This is absolutely one of the silliest books I’ve read, but oh what FUN!!  The author has created such an imaginative story of magical characters.

5 / 5 Erik, This Kid Reviews Books  Fun Story with Great Characters! 
This is a great sequel to “Sir Princess Petra!” I loved the character of Princess Petra, the princess who didn’t want to be“princessy” but wanted to be a knight.  I also LOVED the talent Princess Petra finds out she has!  Ms. Robinson’s writing style makes this adventure fun and gets you into the characters. I really enjoyed the dialogue in the book. It made it fun to read.

5 / 5 Erica, The Book Elf Nook
This book is a fun adventure. Princess Petra not only goes to learn a Talent, but she makes unexpected friends along the way. This is a book to read and enjoy. And read again.

4 / 5 Nikki Bennett, Author and Book Reviewer These are fun, easy to read books for young kids. I love the take on a princess who really wants to be a knight, and the silly things she has to go through. My favorite part of this one was when she had to pick what she was going to study in Talent school. Fun books for your kids!

4 / 5 Renee, Mother Daughter Book Reviews
Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is precisely everything an early middle grade book should be with a multi-dimensional main character who is a great role model for young girls; a great supporting cast of unique and quirky characters; a plot largely driven through clever dialogue amongst the characters and involving much adventure and folly; and unexpected turns and twists that will leave parents and their children laughing out loud.

5 / 5 Jaylen Grace, Author I'm not surprised Princess Petra has won her awards. On her adventure she meets wonderfully comic characters like Duce Crablips, the Ganutes and others who had me smiling continuously. It's a great story and book - and I'm sure children will love it.

5  / 5    Gina, Insatiable Reader
Try something different or out of the norm.  You just might discover a talent of your own that makes you shine even brighter. In short, a lovely read for the kiddo's and readers of all ages.
5 / 5 Michelle P.  a fabulous story about who you are and not letting stereotypes define who you could be
Smiles abound in this infectious tale where the food of choice for most of the characters seems to be onions as a hand fruit, cooked in many different ways or simply juiced into a cocktail. The names in this series are quite wonderful. Places like the bogs of Mesoggie and The Kingdom of Lost Donkeys, where the donkeys do indeed seem to have disappeared and names Like Seymour Forest the ganute who does actually live in vast forest and Letgo the crocodile. I did also enjoy the themes of friendship, teamwork and belief in oneself that runs throughout the story.

4 / 5 Mommynificent They are early chapter books, fun and suitable for children ages six and up. They move very quickly and are quite short, so I think they’d be particularly suitable for reluctant readers. I also think boys would enjoy these books as Sir Princess Petra thinks and behaves in the way I imagine most boys wish girls would think and behave – kind, down-to-earth, adventurous, and never squeamish or manipulative.

5 / 5 Afobos, Book Reviewer
Great Sequel! I enjoyed the first in the series and the second one doesn't disappoint!
It's well written with lovable well developed characters that would appeal to any child.
I also love the illustrations and the whole fantasy world that was lovingly build. A definite recommendation for any child or for any child at heart!

5 / 5 Amazon Reviewer   I am in love with this book series! I love that's the Princess isn't a prissy girl but wants the chance to do ANYTHING. Including going back to school to find/learn a talent.
     It was a grand adventure that any child would love to read about imagining it was them on the quest. The story was fast-paced, full of humor, and even had a message tucked in for good measure.
 I loved the whimsical illustrations, and Snarls the Dragon is one of my favorite characters. I wish this book had been around when my kids were little. Make that when I was little.

4 / 5 Samantha Bates, Elementary School Teacher The story is a wonderful one to get round stereotyping of princesses and how they are meant to behave and act. Boys as well as girls will enjoy this story.

5 / 5 Chris, The Story Reading Ape In this delightful little tale we learn how Princess Petra becomes a Knight and how she gets her Talent certified. A great story for entertaining kids AND educational without them knowing it!

4 / 5  Veritas Vincit "Bill"  A Great Adventure with a Wonderful Message
When it comes to fantasy novels directed at children, I am particularly impressed by authors who can achieve a memorable story that is palatable for young people, yet still shows an underlying skill of writing and awareness of deeper meanings. The possibility of using literature for such an admirable purpose is what writers should get into the business for, and Robinson has certainly done that. I think Sir Princess Petra is a wonderful new heroine for a new generation, a female who breaks down gender roles and demonstrates self-confidence and pride in her passions.
We too often put children into specific boxes of gender, social class, and expectations, and that's simply incorrect. This book seeks to remedy that . . . I enjoy good writing and interesting characters as much as the next person, particularly when I find a book that would be suitable for the young people in my family and social circles. I'll definitely be recommending this series to friends with children who would benefit from such a positive, fun, and unforgettable series. 

 5 / 5 Bil Howard, Readers' Favorite 
The second book in the Pen Pieyu Adventures, Sir Princess Petra’s Talent continues a series of tales in the kingdom of Pen Pieyu that is peppered with the unique humor of Diane Mae Robinson. This is a fun book, and the hilarious adventure leads to a wonderful lesson about discovering our special skills and talents. Humorous, adventurous and revealing, Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is a delightful and meaningful continuation of an already wonderfully imaginative series.

Sharee Wanner, Sharee’s Sentiments Sir Princess Petra's Talent is written with brilliant imagination intertwined with wonderful humor! Diane masterfully involves readers as they go exploring the road of adventure with Princess Petra as she travels to Talent School. Young and old alike are sure to enjoy every word.

4 / 5 Tonja Drecker,  Bookworm For Kids This is an adventurous story, which gets going from the very first page and doesn't stop.  .Princess Petra is simply a cute character. She's a head-strong little girl, who knows what she wants  Her innocent decisions and reactions lead to the most delicious situations, putting a smile on the face. Despite the hairy and often humorous situations she runs into, she  masters them all and ends up making a better world - kingdom - in the process. It was fun to journey with her through the well-described world. 

Jana, That Artsy Reader Girl
The storytelling is witty and exciting, and perfect for a youngster who enjoys fantasy. Snarls is a very fun character, and his antics made the book for me. My favorite part of the Pen Pieyu Adventure series is the emphasis placed on going against the norm. Petra certainly does not fit into the normal princess category. She’s an adventuresome tomboy, and she’s proud of it.

4 / 5 Diane Estrella, Book Reviewer The author does a great job of making each character unique and memorable. I enjoyed the spirit of adventure and ingenuity this fantasy tale displayed and the subtle life lessons included of: following the rules, looking out for others, and pursuing your heart’s passion. Sir Princess Petra’s talent is able to touch the hearts of many and I think the author gives children the encouragement to follow their dreams and realize that, at any age, they can reach the world.

4 / 5 Dawn Heslin, Bound 4 Escape What an adventure! The descriptions of all of the characters are colorful . . . I especially liked the cute names of the characters and kingdoms. There are also some age appropriate lessons in this book. Princess Petra is her own person. She does what she believes to be the right thing and doesn’t worry about what others think.Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is a great book!

4 / 5 Allison, Allison’s Book Bag Sir Princess Petra’s Talent by Diane Robinson is a fun fantasy about girl empowerment. This particular girl empowerment story also works because throughout Sir Princess Petra’s Talent, all of Robinson’s characters have this perfect blend of flippancy and seriousness which make them endearing and hilarious. Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is an imaginative story which should both inspire and invoke giggles from its young readers.

4  / 5 Angie Mangino, Book Reviewer Petra’s inner courage wins out over any of her fears, triumphant by her openness in conservation to determine what is best for all concerned. Cloaked in a fantasy work of knights, kings, and dragons that will engulf children into the story, the moral lessons imparted are refreshingly neither preachy nor boring. Petra’s breath of fresh air personality makes her an exceptional role model for children to admire and to imitate in the real situations of fear, new people, challenges, and goals in their own lives.

4 / 5 Rebecca Hughes, Goodreads Review This is a book that should be in lots of classrooms. I think it is a good book to help children understand that everything is not as it first seems. It has a princess that became a knight and a prince that wants to learn to crochet and a male dragon that wants to learn to cook, so to me, it signified that what you enjoy learning about doesn't have to be gender determined.  Overall it was just extremely enjoyable and a fun read.

4 / 5  The Manitoba Library Association
Robinson’s story is humorous and entertaining, and Robinson’s narrative is both imaginative and delightful. I would recommend the second adventure of “Pen Pieyu” for school and public library collections. Petra’s dedication and passion will inspire young readers to discover their own talents.

5 / 5  Stacie Theis, Beach Bound Books
Sir Princess Petra's Talent is a whimsical tale and the lighthearted, but often stubborn, Princess Petra will amuse readers. Her antics leave her parents and other royal officials bewildered, but Princess Petra has a big heart and even though her methods are quirky she always finds a way to help others. Her stubbornness plays a role in her selection of a talent, but no one could have ever imagined how much joy and happiness her special gift would bring the Kingdom. Petra teaches the King and Queen, as well as young readers, that we all have our own unique talent and if we look inside ourselves we will discover our talent so we can share it with others.I highly recommend picking up Sir Princess Petra's Talent. 

4 / 5  Mister F, author
What can be greater than a book written with the sharpened wit and humor of a great writer? A series of books by that writer, of course! In The Pen Pieyu Adventures, you'll find comedy. You'll find character. But most importantly, you'll find books you'll want to share with others.  

5 /5 Terry Nedham, Award-winning Author Enriched With Magical Words and Magical Moments
 . . . the author is to be commended for clearly revealing the secret to her gift for writing and crafting a wonderful child’s story, when Petra says: “To be a great artist you must create with passion…”
Thus, the moment of self-realization, as any child hopes to achieve, Petra adds: “She gasped when she realized that this power, this magic, was within herself—"
. . . the poetic words given to Petra by the author, in revealing the emerging spirits that bring on the beautiful transformation into autumn:
“The changing of the seasons had arrived. Leaf-gathering sprites, cloud-shaping elves, and all the wind weavers recognized the summons and were slowly emerging from their sleepy hollows.”
A wonderful fairy tale enriched with magical words and magic moments. 

5 / 5 Stacie Theis, Beach Bound Books
Sir Princess Petra's Talent is a whimsical tale and will amuse readers. Petra teaches the King and Queen, as well as young readers, that we all have our own unique talent and if we look inside ourselves we will discover our talent so we can share it with others. I highly recommend picking up Sir Princess Petra's Talent. 

5 / 5 Bichhio, Reviewer
First of all, this book comes with a synopsis of the first book of the series, for the lazy ones out there who prefer skimming to reading, that is. But why would you want to skim with this series? . . .This book ia suitable not just for kids but also adults; its dialogs are so elevated that you, the reader, are never for once treated like kids. The style itself is quite reminiscent of old school fairy tale adventures, but the author weaves the tale in a rather unconventional style which makes it quite interesting and entertaining . . .
 . . . I have never read quite anything like that in my life! Not to mention that the story successfully provides you a glimpse at a princess who is not treated the way she wants to be treated; now, in how many traditional fairy tales do you find that kind of stuff? To top it all, the dragon in this story is more of a 'culinary' tool rather than the traditional ferocious, fire-belching creatures we are all accustomed to!
Along with the dialogs and descriptions, the illustrations in this book further help the reader in visualizing all the characters just as they are imagined by the author. The epilogue is quite apt.
Suffice it to say, the book is quite suitable for young children because its short chapters, easily digestible lucid prose and interesting characters are the perfect recipe for keeping children glued to it. On the other hand, it comes with a very solid story written in an unconventional style which is sure to attract adult readers as well (like it attracted me). There is plenty of humor included in the style to attract both kids and adults. Highly recommended! 

5 / 5 Mamta Madhavan, Readers' Favorite
It is an adventure story filled with a lot of action, humor, and suspense. It is a theme that gives message about understanding, kindness and acceptance. The main character, Petra, is endearing and the other characters in the story are also imaginative and interesting. It is a book that should be kept in school libraries and also in one's personal collection. The fast paced story and the characters evoke a kind of magical feeling within readers. The twists and turns and the sub-plots, and the messages given out in the story makes it more appealing.

Renee Hand, The Crypto-Capers Series Blog Spot
Sir Princess Petra's Talent is a wonderfully inspiring story of acceptance and friendship. Children of all ages are going to love the author's humor as she shows how Petra's determination, acceptance of others, and kindness change a kingdom and break the rules of the closed mind thinkers. Petra as a knight is a unique and lively character that will assuredly capture the hearts of many. 

5 / 5 Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite
Diane Mae Robinson's fantasy adventure tale, Sir Princess Petra's Talent, is quite simply wonderful. It lets kids know that their interests don't have to be dictated by their gender. Young readers will learn that, even in the tightest spots, if you give it enough thought, you can often turn a challenging situation into one with a great outcome. These are important messages for kids to hear, especially when they hear it in the form of an exciting and funny adventure with a fabulous Princess Knight and a Prince who crochets and wears pink.

5 /5 Barbara Ann Mojica,
Petra provides an outstanding role model for young boys and girls for she has many lessons of courage, friendship and character to teach them. She and the other quirky characters in this book possess a delightful sense of humor. Looking forward to reading more of The Pen Pieyu Adventures from this talented new author. 

5 / 5  Oliva Dsouza, Readers' Favorite
Sir Princess Petra's Talent by Diane Mae Robinson is an exciting, delightful, and sweet story about an endearing princess, who is also the only Knight of her father's kingdom. The story teaches fantastic lessons about friendship, honor, self-worth, and discovering your own talents. Every child deserves to read this book. The lessons are worth it. The author has used her imagination to her creative best and managed to weave an extremely engaging story. Sir Princess Petra's antics are cute, hilarious, and heartwarming. She manages to steal your heart completely.

4 / 5 Julia Hopkinson, Readers' Favorite
Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is a pleasant read and great fun for kids, for whom chasing ganutes, befriending witches, and planning duels would be a hoot. The story contains very lively characters with great names - Duce Crablips, Norton Nastybun, Letgo the crocodile! The book is a charming adventure with some witty lines. There is a lot of warmth in Diane Mae Robinson’s book which children and adults alike will enjoy.

GMR on Goodreads
That..that my friends was ridiculously...adorable! Loved it from the feisty little Princess Knight to the barbecuing dragon, and all the word play in between.

5 / 5 Deborah and Deborah, Goodreads
One adventurous read! I like the characters and their colorful personalities.

5 / 5 Amazon Review
This book was a fun adventure. Princess Petra has to learn a talent, and not only goes to learn her Talent, but she makes unexpected friends along the way. I enjoyed how everything fit together. The artwork is cute and whimsical. One of my favorite characters is Snarls, a dragon who loves to cook. This is a book to read and enjoy. And read again.

4 / 5 Elizabeth Frank, Elizabeth's Book Babble  Great Book with Fun and Memorable Characters
I thoroughly enjoyed this story just as much as the first book in the series!! The story line is catching and I couldn’t put the book down!!

5 / 5 More Than A Book Review
a fantasy, adventure book with morals, values of kindness, acceptance of others,just enough humor to entertain the young ones
Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is a fantasy, adventure children’s chapter book with morals, values of kindness, acceptance of others, believing in yourself and just enough humor to entertain the you ones.

5 / 5 Advices Books  A Very Educational Book For Children
. . . a fairy tale enriched with magical words . . the book that we want to define a graceful masterpiece of the children’s literature. Thanks to her excellent writing skills, Diane Mae Robinson has been capable to create a perfect story for children.
Sir Princess Petra Talent’s is well written and created by using the proper words, sentences and adjectives, the sequences of words build a sort of poetry and this style makes the story more and more poetic and enchanting. This style emerges during each chapter of the book. Moreover, this work contains a high educational purpose because it  teaches children to develop their talent and abilities and overcome the several obstacles imposed by life. This tale teaches, above all,  to face problems in a fun way. . . recounted with a humoristic tone . . . is also a book about the most important ethical values in life, namely sense of friendship, respect for other people and for nature. 

5 / 5 Matthew Lorentzen, The Writings, Verse, and Reviews of R. R. Howroar  Great sequel in a Fantastically humorous series! Great sequels do not come around as often as you might like. I can think of a few off hand that this book falls in line with: The Empire Strikes Back, How to Train your Dragon 2, The Two Towers, Cocoon . . . Yes, Sir Princess Petra's Talent has all of the qualities of a good sequel.  It builds on an already excellent, humorous, and intelligent story.   Maps are an absolute when writing about fantastical lands, and Ms. Robinson does not deny us of one here.  This is a triumphant return to a land that I am growing more fond of with each read.

5 /5 Meg, Amazon Customer, Great Series!
Fast read. Great series. Just wish there were more book!! A pleasure to read. We need more books with girls in string leader roles. But this book is not overly feminist or girly. Perfect balance for both young boys and girls.

4 / 5 Lyndavee  "book-kitten"
. . . the acquisition of this talent leads to a story within a story, which is very romantic and imaginative.
I would definitely read this book to my 'Bookworm Club' of young readers. I would judge it to be perfect for five to eight-year-olds. The illustrations by Samantha Kickingbird are charming.  

 4 / 5 David Macon, Reviewer  
The book contains many of the staples for traditional fairy tales: a dragon, a witch, strange furry creatures, a princess and a king and queen preparing their daughter for a suitably advantageous marriage. However, this is not a predictable traditional tale. The heroine is now Sir Princess Petra, as she has recently become the only person in the land to pass the test to become a knight. She is feisty and tomboyish. This follows the latest Disney tradition of having strong female leads in films such as Frozen and The Little Mermaid. By contrast, the young prince who comes to see her lives everything pink, is far from brave and does not want to marry her. He later goes to 'Crochet School'. The 'fierce' dragon is a pet, who helps out at royal barbecues.
I enjoyed the story that Sir Princess Petra writes after attending 'Writing School'. It is about the fairy who paints autumn and is written in a descriptive, lyrical style.

5 / 5 Wayne Clark, Award-Winning Author A Story Within a Story. 
I have given a well-deserved five stars to Diane Mae Robinson’s delightful tale Sir Princess Petra’s Talent. But if I had the good fortune to live in her uniquely nutty fantasy world I would be allowed to give it the praise it truly deserves: five onions, fresh from the Royal Onion Room.
I’ve read all the wonderful reviews previously written for this series, The Pen Pieyu Adventures. Clearly, the author has a deft hand when it comes to exploiting the imagination. Within only a couple of pages I became a citizen of her world.
As other reviews have pointed out, the plot twists are relentless, each one producing a sweetly bizarre new character, and they are characters who subtly demonstrate that gender is of no matter when it comes to bravery and talent. After all, knights wear pink, don’t they?
A poem about jam made me chuckle, but what almost took my breath away was the story within the story read to the court by Sir Princess Petra. 

5 / 5 John J. Staughtonon,  Amazon Reviewer
Another humorous romp through the world of Pen Pieyu has left me laughing and loving these amusing characters and their bold, morally directed adventures.
I wasn't sure what to expect from this second story, as the first had set a rather high bar, and I didn't know whether the humor and insightful writing could continue as the world continued to expand, but I should have had more faith in Robinson. Not only does this book take many of the best and most memorable elements from the first book, but also deepens the attraction and strength of Sir Princess Petra, who fights against gender stereotypes in this novel and redefines what it means to be a brave woman. The premise of this series is quite simple, yet there is a depth to this child-targeted writing that makes it important, even for older readers. Anything that can instill good values through literature and fun is worth pursuing, and in that category Sir Princess Petra's adventures could serve as a fanciful tool for children everywhere. I'll be the first to admit - I'll read the next one. 

5 / 5 Alizabethon, Amazon Reviewer An Enchanting Journey with a Heartfelt Message. 
I have always loved a beautiful tale. Diane Mae Robinson took a typical princess story and spun it into this alluring tale of inspiration and motivation. This tale was beautiful and well composed. I loved how there was no victimization in this story. There was no vulgarization, either. Overall, this story blossomed with beautiful language and vivid characters. I loved how Diane really took her time to create the characters in this story. She did not only just name the characters in the story and give them lines, but she truly created characters in this story. I feel like I could pull the people out of the story and fulfill this princess story, after the novel was finished. I am very happy with eBook. 

4 / 5 Lady Erynn's Reviews
During this challenge, Petra learns that not everything is what it seems, and Bravery isn't the only thing you need to be a Royal Knight!
This was a really well-done series! The language was clear, the settings were well-defined, and there was humor mixed throughout both books. Petra doesn't adhere to the social norms of her kingdom and becomes the first Royal Knight of the kingdom, as well as the first storyteller. This teaches the reader that if you follow your dreams, anything is possible.
There are a few other lessons in the stories as well, but I will leave them for the reader to discover. Overall, I give both books a solid 4 of 5 each, and I would definitely recommend them to the children in my family.

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Renee Hand, Endorsement
In book 2 in the Pen Pieyu Adventures:  Petra must go to talent school to get a certificate in a talent befitting a princess. But who knew that her talent could touch the hearts of so many? Many lessons will be learned and readers will be inclined to look into their own hearts and see where their own talents lie. This is a delightfully humurous and imaginative tale that children of all ages will not only enjoy, but will be one of their favorites for years to come.
Renee Hand, Multi-Award-Winning author of the Crypto-Capers and Joe-Joe Nut Mystery Series'
Renee Hand, Interview
Blog Talk Radio - Renee Hand

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