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Sir Princess Petra's Mission - The Pen Pieyu Adventures (book 3)
Endorsement: "Diane M. Robinson has created a heroine unlike any other in children’s literature. Sir Princess Petra sets a fine example for young readers, and for young girls, as the Princess teaches them what’s really important, like friends, being true, brave, honest, and always having faith in your Dragon! Ms. Robinson sets the bar by writing a truly charming and imaginative adventure series and I heartily recommend it."
Jeanne E. Rogers, Author of the award winning middle grade fantasy, The Sword of Demelza.

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5 / 5  Wayne Clark, award-winning author. Another Delight  
Author Diane Mae Robinson’s third entry in the Sir Princess Petra series of award-winning chapter books children rises to the same lovely level of delightfully imaginative storytelling as its predecessors. 
. . . What saves the day, and Princess Petra’s knighthood, is her appeal to the best of human nature, unselfishness and faith that doing the right thing will lead to a good end, values that are abundant in the previous books. 
Also abundant in all three books is fun, wonderful, silly fun. The book is delightful.

5 / 5 Grady Harp, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer 
A story with a character that obviously has a future. The degree of imagination is matched by the terrific humor and sense of fun as always in Diane’s books. From the beginning chapter to the end this book is a treasure – and one that is highly recommended.
The third titles in author Diane Mae Robinson's outstanding Pen Pieyu Adventures series, "SirPrincess Petra's Mission" is an impressively and thoroughly entertainingread from first page to last and very highly recommended for personal, family,elementary school, and community library children's fiction collections. MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

5/5 Children's Literary Classics Book Awards
Author Diane Mae Robinson continues to delight young readers with the ever-witty, always-inspired book series about a young princess who refuses to bow to conformity. Filled with countless catchy phrases and absurdly entertaining moments, Sir Princess Petra’s Mission is sure to be met with giggles and belly-laughs by young readers who will continue to fall in love with this enchanting series. Sir Princess Petra’s Mission is recommended for home and school libraries.

5 / 5  C Dyess, Author   Robinson has created the perfect children's book series
Robinson has created the perfect children's book series... Her heroine is young and wise. She takes on her insane missions with positivity and determination. Petra is a good example to all children - teaching honor, friendship and respect. She has fun yet accomplishes her missions! She is knowledgeable and brave.
The third book did not fail to entertain even me, imagine what it will do for the imaginations of a the children. Excellent writing, excellent adventure... I will and do highly recommend this series to all children!

5 / 5 Jami Grey  Sir Petra's Mission  
This knighted princess has done much to keep her knighthood, and works hard to help others. It is an excellent read for the preteen crowd. Short so that their attention doesn't begin to wonder. She is guided by the silly rules her father, the King, has written and works her way around them to ensure justice is done for all, not just those able to pay their way out of trouble. She hangs out with a dragon instead of doing more lady like tasks such as embroidery. There are a few fun twists in the story, and all's well that ends well.

5 / 5 The Hungry Monster Book Review 
Robinson weaves a wonderful tale of adventure and excitement that any boy or girl could love. With an underlying message that doesn’t scream from within the pages all readers, adults too, are sure to come away with the desire to emulate Petra’s wonderful tenacity; even if only for a while.

5 / 5 Catherine Grainger Lovely and heartwarming story and characters
 Author Diane Mae Robinson is one of those writers that have a wonderful gift of storytelling for all audiences. Robinson has created a lovely character in the story heroine, and Petra is a brave and clever young girl that children can learn from and admire. Robinson writes with a heartwarming and cheerful style that reaches out to her readers and makes them really feel part of the adventure. Young or old, girl or boy, readers will love this book.
 Diane Mae Robinson’s epic fantasy and adventure tale for children, Sir Princess Petra's Mission, is the third book in this original and highly acclaimed series about a princess who’d really rather be a knight. Sir Princess Petra is a brilliant role model for both girls and boys who may feel somewhat out of the mainstream with their goals, attitudes and ambitions, and she fulfills that function marvelously. Robinson’s series is also a perfect introduction to epic fantasy for children that is never patronizing and always filled with the imagination, action and adventure that make epic fantasy work so well. Sir Princess Petra's Mission: The Pen Pieyu Adventures, Book 3 is most highly recommended.
5 / 5 Linda Watkins, award-winning author. A Sheer Delight! 
This was a really fun read and in Sir Princess Petra, Ms. Robinson has created a marvelous role model for young girls.
This is a truly engaging read for children and parents alike . . . This series has won many awards and they are well deserved. Enter the kingdom of Pen Pieyu and I know you will not be disappointed.

5 / 5 LitPick Student Book Reviews
 Sir Princess Petra's Mission was very enjoyable and kept me laughing from beginning to end. I thought the characters were well-developed and had the best names.
Even though this was the third book in the series, I could make sense of it from the beginning. The plot was great, not like most princess stories I have read. I loved Robinson's choice of words. The words were not as common and could help readers learn new words and expand their vocabulary.
I adored the character of Petra because of her bravery, strength, intelligence, and persistence.  

5 / 5 Advices Books A superb and gripping fairy tale for children
Thanks to an amazing capacity to twist the plot, the author conveys another important message, namely that honor and courage are worth more than a mission to become a knight.  The plot of this new story keeps the same high levels of the previous ones, even though here it is enriched with quirky and amazing twists that make the fairy tale much more gripping and fun.
This book is a very educational work to fight imposed rules and roles, prejudices and useless competition. The plot is also seasoned with proper images that describe the several chapters and with a vibrant writing style that, once again, confirms Diane Mae Robinson as the best author of children’s fairy tales .

5 / 5 Wanda
What a fun story! I enjoyed the fun names of the characters and places. I love the dragon, Snarls! The author does a great just b I f weaving adventure with fun and an important lesson of doing what is right even when it could really cost you. I highly recommend this book! 5 Stars.

5 / 5 Bjonsmom, Author  Fanciful, whimsical, clever and just wonderful!
Once again, author Diane M. Robinson has invented a charming and fanciful story that also contains gently-placed ethical and moral principals. Along with creating characters that are engaging and self-confident, she instills in them honor in doing what is right and not just what is expedient and self serving. I enjoyed mostly in this adventure an elegant tribute to the importance of “tree souls” to the planet and its inhabitants, skillfully enveloped in the books plot line.
So, I won’t spoil the delightful, clever ending. Just know that she wins on a technicality, which is often how justice happens in real life!

5  / 5 Afobos  Fun Book!
Well first of all I'm kid at heart. So it wasn't that hard for me to read this book from a child's point of view.
I like authors who can make the reader feel like they're there and I like light-hearted adventure. It was a fun book and I really enjoyed it!

5 / 5 Brenda Spalding, Author  Sir Princess Petra is a girl.
 I love that Sir Princess Petra is a girl and still can have such wonder adventures. Snarls the dragon is wonderful and such a perfect companion for Princess Petra. The author show great imagination and an understanding of what children like to read in the beginning chapter books.

5 / 5 Marina Boteva.  Thank you for writing this book! 
Now, that is one funny story! Sir Princess Petra is amazing. She is so nice and brave and good and trusting! 
Every character has a reason for existence and a purpose.  It definitely breaks the prejudices about gender differences and expectations. I love it for that. One of the things that makes this book so special for me is the way that it teaches children to believe in themselves and to help others. Thank you for writing this book!

 If children are searching for a story with a headstrong female character and a light-hearted humorous tale full of adventure, Diane Mae Robinson's Sir Princess Petra's Mission is the answer. With Sir Princess Petra's quirky sidekicks, Snarls and Bograt, young readers learn the lesson of the importance of teamwork. Besides Petra's friends' snappy, comedic commentary is Robinson's satirical use of names and situations that resemble a Dickensian world geared for children. The book's fast pace whisks the reader immediately away into a highly imaginative and fanciful land of medieval-esque creatures and characters. Furthermore, Sir Princess Petra encourages children, specifically girls, that gender-prescribed roles are meant to be broken and that obstacles can always be overcome in order to achieve one's dream.
 Fun, whimsical characters with great personalities dabble through-out Petra's adventure. Around every corner, she runs into situations which made me smile while still maintaining enough tension to keep the plot thickening. Her sweetness and determination makes it impossible not to love her and hope she can again prove everyone wrong. Yep, this book calls for a girl power cheer-squad!
There are many warm messages wrapped up in this plot, ones perfect for middle graders. Patience, perseverance, understanding, determination, and self-assurance are mixed with the importance of friends and having compassion. But this is by no means a boring story where meanings poke out like daggers. The main focus in this story is simply lovely fun and humor. And what kid can resist that?
Summed up, this is a lovely story about a very spunky princess who is brave and tons of fun. I highly recommend it especially to girls ages 8 and up.
 Diane Mae Robinson successfully delivers the underlying message of friendship, courage and strong will power. For those who are new to witness the motivating tale of Princess Petra, author Diane Mae Robinson artistically embeds the synopsis of book 1 & 2 to keep their thrills at peak. Smooth and gripping narration in simple flowing language, gives insight into the unique fantasy world of a little brave girl whose enchanting journey with her friends definitely makes 'Sir Princess Petra's Mission' a sure recommendation for little learners.
5 / 5 Howard Hewitt, Goodreads
A lovely book for children, my grandson loved this book.
5 / 5 Lucy Jones
 I reread books about Harry Potter and “Lord of the Rings” several times. After reading these books it is always difficult to find the same interesting and exciting book. But I found it!!!
This book is full of kindness, humor. The book teaches children and adults, the main thing in life - to follow his dream, to overcome all difficulties. It's great! 
Sir Princess Petra is a brilliant role model for both girls and boys who may feel somewhat out of the mainstream with their goals, attitudes and ambitions. The book is delightful.
 I can’t get enough of this book. I am this kind of parent that do my best to go through books and materials I’ll love my children to read in order to be sure that they learn what is right and not what’s wrong. I have to confess to you that this book is an absolute gem! Imagine this scenario. Some people are trying to hurt your friend, and you have the power to hurt them back. But instead of doing so, you decide to ask why they were attempting to do what they were doing. Simply Beautiful!
5 / 5 Barbara Mojica, children's book author DIFFICULT DECISIONS 
Petra is funny, smart and endearing. Her character will particularly appeal to seven to ten year old readers, though the book is thoroughly entertaining for all ages. Highly recommend the entire series.

4 / 5 Charles A. Ray, author.  Dr. Seuss without the rhyme 
I found this an enchanting little book that is perfect reading for the young end of the young adult demographic. It’s filled with wry humor and titillating prose, sort of Dr. Seuss without the rhyme. In addition, it has lessons for young people, especially young girls, about the power of persistence, self-confidence, and loyalty that will seep into young readers’ minds without seeming like lessons.

 A  wonderful adventure through the Kingdom of Pen Pieyu with a spunky group that I'd call friends any day of the week. They each march to their own drummer, leaving an impression you won't soon forget, but that' part of their charm. It reminds us that we can do anything we want to do, be anything we want to long as we choose our words carefully. Recommended read for Children's Fiction fans of all ages.
5 / 5 More Than a Book Review  Excellent book for young girls
 Sir Princess Petra's Mission (The Pen Pieyu Adventures) by Diane Mae Robinson is a lighthearted fantasy adventure tale for children. The Pen Pieyu Adventures contains a kingdom of quirky characters and we revisit some of them in Petra’s Mission. I love that the book has lessons for young girls about self-confidence, friendships, and loyalty. I recommend all the books in the series.
 Parents and children alike will thank Diane Mae Robinson for this delightful tale of a tomboy princess who insists on being a Knight. Ms. Robinson’s wit and skilled art makes this an entertaining read, even for adults. While Petra’s father, the King, keeps rewriting the Royal Rule book in an effort to de-Knight her, Princess Petra rises to meet every challenge. In this book, she must capture an elusive car-panther in an unexplored forest. Do car-panthers even exist? Princess Petra, Snarls the dragon and Bograt the witch intend to find out. What if car-panthers are friendly? Would Petra capture a friend? She faces each problem with courage and arrives at a bold decision that will make every boy and girl proud to be a Princess Petra follower. Creative Writing Institute rates this book 5 stars! A must read for 7-10 years old.
  This book is a great read not only for kids, but also adults with a sense of humor. The story overall is interesting and fun, especially with the funny names for places and people. This is a great series to try if you have a young reader, or you need something fresh to read with your kids.
 Absolutely loved it! Robinson clearly has a lot of talent, and I truly can't wait to read some more of her works. This story is so funny and entertaining.  Each and every character was absolutely delightful, and had their own place in the story line/premise. I enjoyed the message being conveyed in this story overall. Princess's don't all have to act the same way! If you have any children at home, especially girls, I would highly recommend this one - It's a fun read!
 The author writes Petra with a very free-spirited and headstrong personality. Nothing will get in her way to achieving her dreams of knighthood, showing girls that the possibilities are endless in life.
 The author’s word play will delight both young and old readers in book 3 of this charming series. The Kingdom of Pen Pieyu’s princess gains pride from doing what is right and noble and wins the day while teaching a moral lesson. Fun, full page, black and white illustrations are included in each chapter and help early readers picture the action.
 What do you get when you combine an award winning author and an exciting adventure? An awesome tale of humor, heroism and fun, that's what. All rolled up with great illustrations in this enchanting children's novel.
 As a kindergarten teacher and lover of children's books, I found this book to be a must-read for children. An inspiring story that transmits a message to all kids out there, specially girls- you can be whatever you want to be.
I consider this book to be perfect, because not only is the plot entertaining and the pictures attractive, but also the tale is told in a simple yet decorated way. I highly recommend this children's book! 
5 / 5 Fulluri Simply Outstanding!
 This is a beautiful book for children. What better way to inspire our kids than to have them read books that inspire them to be more than what the society has labeled them to be. I believe that our kids are made for more, they are meant to break several limitations in life in order to be who they are always meant to be. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: Don’t go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path…and leave a trail” This book is the perfect read to inspire them.
I very much enjoyed Sir Princess Petra's Mission. Author Diane Mae Robinson has done a wonderful job in creating a fun, energetic and adventurous female character that her readers will love reading about. I appreciated her underlying message that girls should be able to do what they wish, and not follow gender stereotypical roles. Yet that message is not pounded into the reader's head; it just comes naturally with the story-telling arc. This story is well paced for a child reader, and parents will certainly enjoy the positive messages of the book. I highly recommend Sir Princess Petra's Mission, and look forward to reading more from author Diane Mae Robinson in the very near future!
  I really enjoy this series! Ms. Robinson recaps the previous two books with a small chapter to sum up each book. Petra is a great main character who children can learn positive traits from – her parents the King and Queen want her to be a girly princess, but she wants to be a knight.  I like the silliness of the world that Pen Pieyu resides in. This is a really nice book.  It’s a perfect balance of adventure and great message. Boys and girls will both love the book.
5 / 5 Mami Tales   Using a fun grammatical device for a mix up, this scary adventure turns out to be a great trip into a magical world of elves. I also love all the little details and fun things that the series has, for example, the most horrific punishment in the Pen Pieyu Kingdom is to be put in a frilly dress. *Shudder*
I read all three books very fast. The humor, the imagination and the story are very fresh and unique.
 Sir Princess Petra’s Mission may be the best installment of The Pen Pieyu Adventures. Robinson increased the number of unexpected twists, making them stranger and funnier. As is the norm in Kingdom Pen Pieyu, you will meet several characters, each one delightfully stranger than the last.
5 / 5 Michelle P., Not your typical princess
 Once again this a terrifically written story with lots of witty dialogue and fun characters. I am certain that kids and their parents will enjoy this book. It is nice to see a princess that can be a role model.
 Sir Princess Petra is a brilliant role model for both girls and boys who may feel somewhat out of the mainstream with their goals, attitudes and ambitions. This book is full of kindness, humor. The book teaches children and adults, the main thing in life - is to follow his dream, to overcome all difficulties. Thank you, Diane, for a wonderful book.
 Without a doubt, this book was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the illustrations. The word choice worked perfectly for the story and the audience, and I found myself grinning most of the time that I was reading it. I also really love the theme of the story. It really does focus on someone who doesn’t fit into the ‘normal’ roles that people play. The story itself was amazing.
 I really enjoyed this fast phased children's tale.  I find Sir Princess Petra's Mission (The Pen Pieyu Adventures, book 3) by Diane Mae Robinson a highly interesting fun tale and I highly recommend this book for all the children.
Knight princess Petra's mission along with Snarls-dragon is full of fun, heroism, enjoyment and excitement and my kid loves this composition.A must read for all the children.
5 / 5 Emily Mjuhbudo
The best way to fight injustice is by justice; unfairness, by fairness; hatred, with love. Petra embraces the challenge, and by so doing, brought about a dawn of peace, joy and happiness to her kingdom in the end. This book teaches that we should never give up even when people are unnecessarily unfair to us. Life isn't fair, and I believe our children would learn valuable lessons as these by reading this book. It is more than a storybook! it teaches invaluable lessons our children would benefit from.
4 / 5 Dawn Great For Children
 Sir Princess Petra is a character that children can look up to. She does what she is ordered to do because she is a knight, but she won’t give up her honor. She knows what is right and she will stick to it even if it’s going to mean that she’ll lose her knighthood.
Sir Princess Petra’s Mission is a fun book for children to read or it would be a good book to read aloud. I think it and the other Pen Pieyu Adventures are stories children will enjoy reading over and over. Blog post.
5 /  5 Joseph Pinchoos
 There is a statement in this book that speaks of pure wisdom!
 Our children can learn such wonderful lessons from Petra, and I know that it would only be to their benefit and not their detriment. This is a way by which we can influence them the right way without stress. When they learn valuable lessons from their favorite characters, they would end up becoming the children we admire.
 Full of silliness and hilarity just like the first two books in the series, this book gently turns stereotypes about girls, witches, dragons, and a few other things on their head and teaches children to give people the benefit of the doubt rather than believing gossip about them.
 I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a great fairy tale.
 It is always wonderful to read a story where gender rules are flouted and unlikely heroes come to the fore. Sir Princess Petra's Mission presents Petra as a rousing heroine whose liking for typically masculine adventures does not inhibit her own femininity. Her story is told with light hearted humour, excitement and highly readable action sequences, accompanied by vivid characters who leap off the pages. The synopses of books one and two are very useful for catching up on Petra’s previous adventures, and the illustrations bring the characters to life even more. Diane Mae Robinson has created an engaging tale in which both children and adults will find value, filled with happiness, friendship and individuality, plus a few dragons and swamps for good measure. Highly recommended to adventurous young readers everywhere.
 This fantasy tale is complete with interesting characters, delightful dialogue and important life lessons for children. Petra demonstrates the importance of goals, but she also sets aside her personal goal of retaining her knighthood, rather than bringing danger to the car-panthers. The car-panthers value trees and do not use wood in their buildings, but Snarls adds his special talents to save their castle. While Petra supports the car-panthers’ different views, she challenges her parents’ beliefs in a respectful manner. Diane Mae Robinson is able to interweave such substantive values with fun and lightheartedness in her novel, Sir Princess Petra’s Mission.
5 / 5 Jude Fernando Superb Children Story
 The mission is all mysterious and exciting with nobody being aware of what a car-panther is really.
I must say story is really adventurous as Petra with her braveness and sweetness wins the heart of all of us. Lots of lessons to be learned for children, things which cannot be taught at school or by yourself.
 Sir Princess Petra’s Mission is the third installment in the Pen Pieyu realm and although I have not read the first two it’s definitely a great edition. I loved the character of Petra and her determination to remain a knight and fulfill her knightly duties even with the disapproval of her parents, she is such a strong female character that you just can’t help but fall in love with. You also don’t need to have read the other books to be able to enjoy this book and there is a great synopsis at the start just to keep you up to date.
 Readers travel with Petra rooting for her to succeed in her mission. With twists and turns that threaten this success, Petra remains the kind, adventurous, loving princess as she puts her fears aside to do what she must do for the good of everyone she encounters. An exceptional role model for children, she will make readers love her once more!
5 / 5 Thomas Considine Every Child Should Read This Story
 D M Robinson really knows what children should read and what children like. They story is so simple to understand and it is very important to read as children can know many important quote about life by the story which is very important. Every child should read this book. I highly recommend this children's book! It can be a best gift for your children.
5 /  5 Andrea Davis Full of Charm and Heart
This is a charming children’s book that empowers young girls and boys. The main character is bright, brave and determined to achieve knighthood. So delightful!
3 / 5 NebraskaIceBergs Cute Fantasy Chapter Book   Another favorable quality of this Canadian series can be summarized in a single word: CUTE! Robinson’s characters have a blend of seriousness and good-heartedness, which endears them to me. While Princess Petra always stands up for herself, she never borders on the sullen, obnoxious, or even rebellious attitude that sours some characters.
5 / 5 Vanessa Hoffmann So Cool
 This book is really awesome! Sir Princess Petra's Mission is beautifully written and has some nice drawings in it. Such a great story of such a brave girl. Children who like books will love this novel. Brought me back to my childhood  
 5 / 5 Bikial
 Our children may be tempted to join the crowd and not defend their friends who are hurt and at the lowest point in their lives. The writer was able to teach an invaluable lesson of how they need to stand up for those who are hurt.
4 / 5 Bernice Kirkwood This is a Really Good Book
 The book contains lots of lessons that would be invaluable for any child in their walk in this world.  In life, everything may not work out as we want, but with the wisdom that can be gained from reading books, we can make right decisions.
5  / 5 Hope
 It is hard to get into minds of children and simply know what they want or love. However, D M Robinson understands what children want. She practically re-lives that life of a child and tells the Sir Prince Petra’s Mission story just like a child would do it. I love how Robinson puts the story in a simple, clear and yet interesting way that most children would understand and enjoy the story. The style of narration is that will keep the reader glued to the book especially because of how the plot twists to give the story an interesting taste. Though unwillingly Princes Petra is set on a mission to find “Car-panthers,” something she does not have any idea what it is. Her journey is full of ups and down, and I love her determination to impress the king and the queen. It is truly a beautiful book.
 5 / 5 Ryan Marganas
 Life lessons come from different ways, reading this beautiful book is one of those ways.

Endorsements, Interviews, Radio Interviews For Sir Princess Petra’s Talent
Jeanne E. Rogers, Author of the award winning middle grade fantasy, The Sword of Demelza
"Diane M. Robinson has created a heroine unlike any other in children’s literature. Sir Princess Petra sets a fine example for young readers, and for young girls, as the Princess teaches them what’s really important, like friends, being true, brave, honest, and always having faith in your Dragon! Ms. Robinson sets the bar by writing a truly charming and imaginative adventure series and I heartily recommend it. "
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