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Third-Person Viewpoint In Writing

In writing for young and middle grade children, and when writing in the third-person narrative, the writing is either in the third-person limited viewpoint (everything is seen, heard, etc., through the main character) or third-person omniscient viewpoint (the narrator sees and knows all). 

There are, although, three types of third-person writing that is used in writing for young adults and adults.

Third-person voice

The third-person narrative voices are narrative voice techniques employed solely under the category of the third-person view. Here's an explanation of three different types of third-person voices.

Third-person, subjective

Third-person subjective is when the narrator conveys the thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. of one or more characters. If it is just one character, it can be termed third-person limited, in which the reader is "limited" to the thoughts of some particular character as in the first-person mode, except still giving personal descriptions using "he", "she", "it", and "they", but not "I." Third-person limited is almost always the main character.. Certain third-person omniscient modes are also classifiable as "third person, subjective" modes that switch between the thoughts, feelings, etc. of all the characters.
 At its narrowest and most subjective scope, the story reads as though the viewpoint character were narrating it; dramatically this is very similar to the first person, in that it allows in-depth revelation of the protagonist's personality, but it uses third-person grammar. Some writers will shift perspective from one viewpoint character to another.

Third-person, objective

The third-person objective employs a narrator who tells a story without describing any character's thoughts, opinions, or feelings; instead it gives an objective, unbiased point of view. Often the narrator is self-dehumanized in order to make the narrative more neutral; this type of narrative mode, outside of fiction, is often employed by newspaper articles, biographical documents, and scientific journals. This point of view can be described as a "fly on the wall" or "camera lens" approach that can only record the observable actions, but does not interpret these actions or relay what thoughts are going through the minds of the characters.
The third-person objective is preferred in most pieces that are deliberately trying to take a neutral or unbiased view, like in many newspaper articles. It is also called the third-person dramatic, because the narrator (like the audience of a drama) is neutral and ineffective toward the progression of the plot — merely an non-involved onlooker. 

Third-person, omniscient

Historically, the third-person omniscient perspective has been the most commonly used; it is seen in countless classic novels. A story in this narrative mode is presented by a narrator with an overarching point of view, seeing and knowing everything that happens within the world of the story, including what each of the characters is thinking and feeling. It sometimes even takes a subjective approach. One advantage of omniscience is that this mode enhances the sense of objective reliability or truthfulness of the plot. The third-person omniscient narrator is the least capable of being unreliable—although the omniscient narrator can have its own personality, offering judgments and opinions on the behavior of the characters.
In addition to reinforcing the sense of the narrator as reliable (and thus of the story as true), the main advantage of this mode is that it is eminently suited to telling huge, sweeping, epic stories, and/or complicated stories involving numerous characters. The disadvantage of this mode is that it can create more distance between the audience and the story, and that—when used in conjunction with a sweeping, epic "cast of thousands" story—characterization is more limited, which can reduce the reader's identification with or attachment to the characters.

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Magical Tree

Trees--a wonder to behold in nature. This tree is in Africa. Take a closer look at what an unknown artist (or unknown magical force) created within the tree.

No one knows, to anyone’s knowledge, who did these carvings but they are over 500 years old and done with  exceptional detail.

Of course the tree has dragons. All magical trees and forests have dragons, along with elves, gnomes, and faeries living amongst them (and sometimes carved into them).

I believe trees have a magical spirit of their own. This is the magic I often talk about--the magic in magical forests.

Magic is real if you believe.

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Multi Award-Winning Children's Chapter Book Series, Sir Princess Petra

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids - Award-Winning Children's Book Author Diane Mae Robinson's Pen Pieyu Adventures Series Now Available

Book one: Sir Princess PetraBook two:  Sir Princess Petra's Talent

Robinson’s multi-award winning books, ‘Sir Princess Petra', and the second book in the series, 'Sir Princess Petra's Talent', teach children valuable life lessons through engaging fiction
[November 18, 2014, St. Paul, Alberta, Canada] Multi-award winning Canadian author Diane Mae Robinson's latest children's books, 'Sir Princess Petra' and 'Sir Princess Petra's Talent' teach valuable life lessons though works of fiction that engage children age 7 to 11 in powerful ways. Robinson has taken numerous awards for her highly praised works in The Pen Pieyu Adventures series.

'Sir Princess Petra', the first book in the series, took the First Place Award for children's books in the 2013 Sharp Writ Book Awards. 'Sir Princess Petra's Talent', the second book in the series, took the Bronze Medal in the 2014 Reader's Favorite International Book Awards in the grades 4 to 6 category.

Robinson 's highly praised, multi-award winning children’s book, ‘Sir Princess Petra’, the first in the Pen Pieyu series, is written in the tradition of C. S. Lewis and is reminiscent of ‘Shrek’. Reviewers have labeled the award winning book a ‘fantasy adventure that is sure to become a timeless classic.’

'Sir Princess Petra' took an Honorable Mention award in the 2013 Readers' Favorite International Awards for Children Grade K - 3rd. Robinson was also honored with two major awards for the book. She was awarded the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Emerging Artists Award for Children’s Book Author and took 2nd place in the Purple Dragonfly Book awards for Children’s Chapter Book.

'Sir Princess Petra' has garnered multiple 5 star reviews and  praise from reviewers:

“A maverick fantasy, packed with plot twists and turns, brilliant flashes of humor, and originality.” James A. Cox,  Editor-in-chief, Midwest Book Review

“Sometimes a kids book comes along that turns convention on its ear. This is one such book.” John L. Hoh Jr., Book Ideas. com

“Distinctly quirky and uniquely interesting--I really feel this book is a gem.” Renee Cormier, Mother Daughter Book Reviews

“A delightfully imaginative read, a tale that invites readers on a fearless journey towards friendship and self-discovery.” The University of Manitoba Book Review

“A fantasy tale with substance--this is a bright and breezy book, buoyed up by its humor.” Stephanie Dagg, Readers’ Favorite

Sir Princess Petra’s Talent:

“Imaginative, creative, every child deserves to read this book.”  Olivia Dsouza, Readers’ Favorite

“Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is written with brilliant imagination intertwined with wonderful humor!”  Sharee, Sharee’s Sentiments

“Sir Princess Petra’s Talent is quite simply, wonderful.” Jack Magnus, Readers’ Favorite

“This is a wonderful, fast-paced story full of humor and profound messages.” Alinka Rutkowska, Award Winning Children’s Author

“Diane Mae Robinson has done it again—captivating, light-hearted, a whimsical fantasy.” Mark Simon Smith, Children’s Book Author

Robinson uses the dragon books concept as the background to teaching young people traditional values. Ms. Robinson's highly praised work demonstrates that dragon books can be something much more than fantasy tales.

Diane Mae Robinson is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at More information, including reviews, information for teachers and librarians, a downloadable lesson plan and a special children’s section is available at her website. Both books are currently available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
About Diane Mae Robinson:

Diane Mae Robinson has a journalism diploma from the Schools of Montreal, and an advanced diploma from the Institute of Children's Literature in Connecticut. She is a writing instructor/tutor for the Children’s Writing Course at the Creative Writing Institute. She is also an artist and teaches acrylic and watercolor art to children. Diane lives with her husband, Allen, in a small hilltop castle near St. Paul, Alberta.  They have four dogs and five horses, along with a forest inhabited by gnomes, fairies, a princess, and a dragon. This magical forest is where Diane creates her characters and gets the inspiration for her stories.


Diane Mae Robinson

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Lesson plan link:'s_Lesson_Plan.pdf
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Book Review--My Brother is my Best Friend

  • My Brother Is My Best Friend
  • by Nicole Weaver
  • Art by Clara Batton Smith

  • Paperback: 20 pages
  • Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc; large type edition edition (January 15, 2014)
  • Language: English, Spanish, French
  • ISBN-10: 1616334525
  • ISBN-13: 978-1616334529

Book descriptionBrothers are very special. Meet two brothers that do everything together. This delightful story transcends all cultural barriers. It will warm the hearts of children from all over the world. 
 Los hermanos son muy especiales: Conozca a dos hermanos que hacen todo juntos. Esta  bella historia trasciende todas las barreras culturales. Tocará el corazón de todos los niños del  mundo.   Être frère, c'est très spécial. Voici deux frères qui font tout ensemble. Cette histoire merveilleuse transcende toutes les barrières culturelles.  L'histoire va réchauffer le cœur des enfants dans du monde entier.

What People are saying

What a fun and easy way to expose your little ones to multiple languages. . . Just a wonderful book all around!! Jennifer Young, Amazon

This book is incredible! . . .I highly recommend this book. In my opinion, it is an excellent way to engage a child to think about other cultures, especially learning about how we are different and how we are alike! Elizabeth Brown, Amazon

This book isn't just enjoyable to read, but also beneficial educationally! . . .I would totally recommended it to anyone! "My Brother Is My Best Friend" is a must have for sure! Juan on Amazon

What I thought

This book is delightful. The story is about two brother enjoying themselves through play, exploring, and quiet time; everything they are doing is written in English, French, and Spanish on the same page. Children will love learning the same words in the three different languages. The story is tightly written and the illustrations are wonderful and enhance the text. At the back of the book, there is a Glossary, a Word Find Puzzle, and a Find the English sentences from the story that match the Spanish or French sentences. I highly recommend this book as a fun learning experience for children.

About the author:

Nicole weaver is an award-winning author. Her first trilingual book Marie and Her Friend the Sea Turtle was published in 2009. Her love for languages and other cultures resulted in publishing the award-winning book, My Sister Is My Best Friend which was published in 2011 by Guardian Angel Publishing. My Sister Is My Best Friend has won the following awards: 
2012 Creative Child Awards Program consisting of moms and educators has awarded this book the 2012 PREFERRED CHOICE AWARD 
Kids Picture Storybooks category.
2012 Children's Literary Classics Seal of Approval
2012 Children's Literary Classics Gold Award 
Readers' Favorite 5 Star Review

My Brother Is My Best Friend on Amazon:

Author's Website:

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Burp Gun Bandit -- Adult Book Review

 Burp Gun Bandit
The Dudley Files, book two
by Cary Robinson

Golden Hound Press

ISBN-10: 0989060039

  • ISBN-13: 978-0989060035
  • 240 pages

Synopsis: Book II of The Dudley Files, an award winning Dog Comedy Mystery Novel, brings back Dudley, the golden-colored hound dog, with his life partner, Careless, E.D., a blonde beautiful, sassy upstairs neighbor, Sarge, an idiot savant throwback from the '60's, and Birk, their redneck friend with road rage, as they solve the disappearance of a pet miniature donkey named Eddie in The Texas Hill Country and a diabolical mystery surrounding an old World War II rifle that some may say takes on a supernatural flair.

What people are saying: 
"I always say my rescue's rescued me (I have five now!), and clearly Cary Robinson's life changed because of his beloved rescue, Dudley. This is a true feel-good book, and you will love all the wonderful stories about dear Dudley, but most important, it will make you appreciate the heart and soul of shelter animals...they are true FUR ANGELS...."-Jill Rappaport, NBC's award-winning animal advocate and correspondent
"Will Rogers said, '"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went." People who understand that will find The Dudley Files totally delicious! There's a laugh on every page, and a few good surprises, too. I'm frothing at the mouth to read Cary Robinson's sequel!"  -Ruth Buzzi, actress, comedienne

"Any fans of Kinky Friedman's books will see his influence right away: Both authors feature Texan-born detectives living in lofts with scene-stealing pet companions." - Kirkus Reviews

"With references to everything from Cozumel scuba diving to Texas songwriter Kinky Friedman, Robinson's crime caper is perfect for lighthearted summer reading." - ForeWord Reviews
"Cary Robinson filled the novel with surprises, intrigue, drama, and humor to create a fast-paced page-turner. I enjoyed reading every page and did not want to put it down until the last one." - Readers Favorite
 What I thought: This is a great book, well written, tons of humor, characters that are multi-dimensional and real, and of course, there is Dudley, the most incredible dog and the brains behind this wonderful comedy mystery (as dictated to his writer). I thoroughly enjoyed the writer's style, quick wit, and sense of adventure. The story was interesting from the get go and had me reading and flipping pages right to the end. Highly Recommended.

This book is also an award winner in the 2014 Readers' Favorite International Book Awards, Fiction/Animals category:

The purchase of this book will help Dudley's friends get rescued from local animal shelters.

About the author:

Cary Robinson typed up this funny dog mystery novel for Dudley because much like his driving,
Dudley's typing stinks. Dudley started off with very little in life. After an extended stay in the executive suite at The SPCA, he found his life partner, not that there's anything wrong with that. He became famous after solving a mystery during The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo but still goes to work every day and even takes phone calls. Please be warned, his phone skills are lacking. This is a classic American tail of wags to riches. Dudley is a great Texan!

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Award-winning Author, Diane Mae Robinson, Attends Readers' Favorite International Book Awards In Miami, Florida To Receive Medal

Attending the Readers' Favorite International Book Awards on Nov. 22, 2014 in Miami, Florida and receiving a bronze medal for, Sir Princess Petra's Talent (book two), is right up there with "super cool experiences in my life".
Bronze medal, Sir Princess Petra, Grade 4th - 6th category.
This is the series 5th book award.

My sister and I spent three days/nights in Miami. Each of the three evenings, the Readers' Favorite had events lined up for the authors and their guests at our hotel. The first evening, we had a "meet and greet" with the other authors. Evening two had an author/marketing speaking event with guest speaker, award-winning author and marketing guru Eddy Price; a presentation from publicist, Darlene Chan; and an insightful talk from the CEO and president, Debra Gaynor, about what Readers' Favorite Awards looks for in submission entries. The third evening was our award ceremony.
Meet and Greet Night

This year, Readers' Favorite International Book Awards had more entries than previous years and had to extend the announcement of winner by a couple of weeks. List of the categories and the 2014 winners:

With some of the winning authors before the award ceremony. From left: Linda Watkins, Leyla Atke, Adrianne LaCava, Ben Burgess Jr.,Val Silver, Readers' Favorite Book Awards CEO Debra Gaynor, myself, Wayne Clark.

Cindi (my sister), Val, Linda, Wayne, and myself rented a car to cruise down to South Beach. Driving in Miami was chaos! My sister did a fine job of the driving with four backseat drivers who all had different maps. Ha! Tourists!
South Beach, Miami, Florida

One of the great highlights was the day trip to The Miami International Book Fair. I met and talked with many authors, publishers, agents, publicists, and of course, I bought books and had them autographed.
Miami Book Fair just before opening. Yep, raining.

I, along with other authors, was interviewed for Eran Gadot's film about the Readers' Favorite Book Awards.
Diane with Eran Gadot, Silver medal winner for his book, Supernatural Hero.

The Miami experience was incredible: meeting and talking to many award-winning writers, all in the same room; hanging out with fun people as we shared many laughs, accepting a medal for my book without falling off the stage (I did get clunked on the head with the medal as Debra was putting it around my neck), The Miami Book Fair, South Beach, an introduction to Mojitos, and bonding with a small group of incredible people who, I am sure, will be lifelong friends.
Thanks for the memories, Miami!

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Interview: ‘Sir Princess Petra’s Talent’ Author – Diane Mae Robinson

Re-post from Blog Critics  Interview by Nicole Weaver Book InterviewsChildren's BooksFictionSci-fi and Fantasy

It takes a talented author to write a humorous fantasy/adventure  book with moral values of kindness, understanding, and acceptance of others. Today, Diane Mae Robinson  talks about her books and love for writing.  Thank you, Diane , for doing this interview.Diane Mae robinson Petra
Can you tell me about yourself?
Hi, Nicole, and thanks for having me on Blogcritics. I write fantasy/adventure children’s chapter books. Before venturing into the genre of fantasy children’s books, I studied journalism and did some freelance article writing about my visits and volunteer work in 3rd world countries. I work at a dental office, teach private art lessons, I am a writing instructor at the Creative Writing Institute, and recently, I was a judge in an international short story competition. I live on an acreage in central Alberta, Canada where I like to spend time with my horses and dogs.
What inspired you to become a writer?
As a child I was a total book worm fascinated by the other worlds I could visit within the pages. I also liked to make up plays about princesses, dragons, and their adventures. Besides me my sister, the die-hard cowboy, was the only other actor in the plays. So the plays were of a princess (me) being rescued by a prince (sister in cowboy outfit) who would slay (shoot) the dragons and save the day. After perfecting and polishing the plays, we would invite the neighborhood kids to watch. The need to invent plays and stories has stayed with me since childhood.
How long did it take you to acquire the skills to become a writer?
I am still developing my skills as a writer. To me the skills of writing are a lifelong venture, something that will only get better with more writing, studying other writers, reading, and finding your own voice as a writer. After I found my voice/style years ago, the writing became somewhat easier, but still requires the work of perfecting the craft of writing.
How many books have you written?
I have two books published: Sir Princess Petra – The Pen Pieyu Adventures,  and Sir Princess Petra’s Pieyu Adventures Talent – The Pen. This series has won 5 book awards since the first book was published in 2012.
Some writers go on long walks; others keep a journal, write at a café, or listen to music. What do you do for inspiration and unleashing your creativity?
I do art, listen to music, or go for long walks in the forest on my acreage. The forest seems to give me the best inspiration.
What are you working on now?
The 3rd book in this series, Sir Princess Petra’s Mission, will start the publishing process in Nov., 2014. I am also writing a grammar book for elementary kids with the same medieval humorous tone of my book series that has the characters from the books in the lessons. I haven’t started looking for a publisher for the grammar book yet — soon though.
Where can readers find more information about Diane’s books?
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