Friday, 10 February 2017

Coloring Contest and Other News

The Sir Princess Petra Coloring Contest is still going on until Mar. 8, 17. There are over 200 kid entries in 2 divisions, and only 5 entries in the over age 17 category. Yep, the adults are scared to enter. There’s a super cool compu bag with Snarls embroidered on the front for the over age 17 prize. So, adults, sharpen up your crayons and enter.
Get your free coloring book and enter the contest:
Possible Cover

My next book The Dragon Grammar book will be delayed in publication due to my current publisher ceasing operations. The book was in the final-proof layout stage with them at the time. I’m looking into new options for publishing the book, one option is self-publishing it. More on this later.

 I wouldn’t have the confidence to even try self-publishing if it weren’t for a fabulous course I’m taking from my writing guru friend, Alinka Rutkowska. The course is a wealth of information about all things self-publishing authors need to know. I highly recommend this course which has several free lessons to start  Alinka is an award-winning, best selling author and really knows her stuff. You can also get her free marketing book here
For 2017, I have two other books in mind to self-publish, and those are in the works now.

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Enter The Coloring Contest

The Sir Princess Petra Coloring Contest accepting entries until Mar. 8, 17. Over 200 great kid entries, but very few adult talent entries (over 17). Come on adults, shake up your crayons! Get your free coloring book below.

Join the multi-award winning series coloring contest for all ages.
The contest will begin Nov. 8, 16 and finishes Mar. 8, 2017
There are 3 categories in the contest:
Category #1: kids to age 9
Category # 2: ages 10 – 16
Category # 3: ages 17 and over

Get your free 55-page pdf Sir Princess Petra Coloring Book here:

Sir Princess Petra Notepad and Sir Princess Petra Hardcover Book

Sling bag with Snarls the dragon digital logo                                                                                            

Compu messenger bag with Snarls the dragon embroidered logo

  1. Contest participants can be from a school I have previously visited on an author visit, or they can sign up to The Dragon Newsletter.  If you are already signed up for my newsletter, you will receive the link for the pdf coloring pages again in the November newsletter. If you have not signed up for the newsletter, see # 2.
  2. Contest participants can enter by signing up to The Dragon Newsletter (an occasional newsletter about my new book releases, contests, and giveaways). Upon sign up, you will receive the 55-page pdf coloring book which are the pages for the contest. Sign-up form here:
  3. One entry from the pdf coloring book per person. 
  4. Entries can be emailed or mailed. Address details will be sent via The Dragon Newsletter in November, 2016.
  5. All entries must indicate: Name, Age, School I Visited, or Email Address you used to sign up to the newsletter with.
  6. Winning entries will be picked by independent judges. Have fun and good luck!
  7.                   Snarls feels so important since his picture is on the bags. To read more about my dragon books for children, visit: 

Friday, 6 January 2017

Common Comma Confusion

Mini Tip

Comma use seem to be a problem for everyone, writers included. Here are a few simple tips to remind you about the correct usage for the most common mistakes of not using commas properly.

Commas always have to be used with speaker tags. They also have to be used when description is added in the speaker tag (the dragon), which explains who Snarls (proper noun) is.

"Get off my tail," Snarls, the dragon, said.

 In the next two sentences,  there is a huge difference when a comma is used:

       "Let's eat Petra," Snarls, the dragon, said.
       "Let's eat, Petra," Snarls, the dragon, said.

So, since Petra and Snarls are the best of friends, Snarls does not want to eat her, but he wants to invite Petra to eat with him. The second sentence is correct.

Commas offset not just people’s names but anything (animal or object) in direct address:

     "See here, you crazy crocodile--quit snapping your jaws at me," Snarls growled.

     "Snarls, stop teasing Letgo, the crocodle," Petra said.

     "Hurry, all you knights, let's get out of here," Prince Nastybun hollered.

     "Please, King Longstride, begging your pardon, sir."

Reminder: be sure to capitalize professions in direct address:

        "What are the new rules then, Councilman?"

        "Bring the boat around, Captain."

        "No, Father, I don't like the royal rule book."
So by remembering these easy rules, Snarls will not be eating Petra. and Petra will be very happy about that.

Illustration by Samantha Kickingbird

copyright Diane Mae Robinson, 2015

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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Some Of The Finest Stories In Children's Literature

The Gnome-Mobile Hardcover – 1967