Thursday, 7 December 2017

Free Coloring Contest For Kids

The Dragon Newsletter via author Diane Mae Robinson is pleased to announce another contest for kids. Yay! This contest will involve coloring a picture from the Sir Princess Petra Coloring Book and adding a short paragraph about the scene the participant colors and enters into the contest. The paragraph (75 to 100 words) can be dialogue,descriptive, or both. The contest is open to Canada and U.S. (including Hawaii). The contest is for kids 6 – 17 years of age.
The prizes:

Sling bag with Snarls the dragon logo Value $35.00


2nd editions, published 2017, The Pen Pieyu Adventures series
paperbacks by Diane Mae Robinson
$42.00 value

 Sir Princess Petra Coloring Book (2)
by Diane Mae Robinson
Value $16.00


Drawing Fantasy Creatures paperback
by A.J. Sautter
$13.00 Value

                                                                       Drawing Dragons
                                                                       by Sandra Staple
                                                                       $19.00 value

How to enter the contest:
  • Contest participants can enter by signing up to The Dragon Newsletter (an occasional newsletter about my new book releases, contests, and giveaways). Upon sign up, you will receive the 55-page pdf coloring book, which are the pages for the contest. Sign-up form here:
  • Contest participants can be from a school I have previously visited on an author visit, although, a teacher from each class will have to register on behalf of the students in that class. 
  • If you are already signed up for my newsletter, you will receive the link for the pdf coloring pages again in the November/December Dragon Newsletter. 
  • One entry per person. 
  • Entries can be emailed or mailed. Mailing address details will be sent via The Dragon Newsletter November/December 2017 Edition.
  • All entries must include: Name, Age, School & Classroom I Visited or Email Address you used to sign up to the newsletter with.
  • Winning entries will be judged by coloring and writing skills based on age. The short paragraph about the scene should be between 75 and 100 words (dialogue, descriptive, or both, and grammar counts). 
  • Contest closes April 1, 2018.
Want to see last year’s winning entries? Go here:
To learn more about my dragon books for children or to order autographed copies of The Pen Pieyu Adventures series:

P.S. Releasing soon The Dragon Grammar Book – Grammar for Kids, Dragons, and the Whole Kingdom by Diane Mae Robinson starring The Pen Pieyu  Adventures characters. The Dragon Grammar Book is an easy-to-understand grammar book for middle grades and up. Stay tuned for pre-order sale and release date.

Have fun! Dragon hugs. Diane